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What Men Want From Women (As Told By 9 Brutally Honest Guys)

What Men Want From Women

9. Age 57. Status: Married.

Just to be told I am loved.

Sometimes, it really is that simple.

The Bottom Line- What Men Want

1. Not all men are sex-obsessed.

The unfortunate group of chauvinistic and hateful men have tarnished the reputation of the whole bunch. Let this small survey of men remind you, however, that good men are looking for so much more than sex. They want a partner.

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2. Men and women are not all that different.

We have similar needs and desires, particularly love and belonging. If we focused on the similarities and refused to be defined by society’s standards, it’s safe to say our relationships would greatly improve.

I know many women may feel frustrated thinking, “But my man doesn’t seem to want to show any vulnerability like this at all. He doesn’t share his emotions or express these things.”

Let me remind you, I gave men an entire anonymous opportunity to express themselves freely. My guess is many (if not most) men want these same things, but feel pressured to keep up their tough-guy persona. It’s socially acceptable for men to want nonstop sex, but still, taboo for them to want real vulnerability and emotional partnership.

If, you’re reading this and thinking, “But my man is a totally sex-obsessed brute.” Then it’s time to decide if that’s the type of man you want in your life. There are other types of men. But, I challenge you to look a little deeper. Is sex the only way he feels comfortable to connect with you?

Look, ladies. I’m a proud feminist. I think injustice is real. I think women are still not equal. I think there is still a fight in front of us. But in the process of fighting for justice, let’s not forget that gender stereotyping is wrong and harmful on both sides of the spectrum.

We can still learn from these honest comments about what men want, try to be the best partners we can be, and give the good guys a little extra credit.

If you’re like most women, you’re frustrated with men, dating, and relationships… and for good reason.

You might be wondering things like:

  • Why is he so hard to talk to?
  • What is he thinking about? (And does he really love me?)
  • Why did he just leave, and suddenly lose interest in me?
  • Why can’t a man just love me and be faithful?

Well, the answer might surprise you. It was definitely a HUGE revelation to me.

Recently, a respected relationship consultant released an insightful video presentation about a huge light bulb moment he had during an ordinary lunch.

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What started out as a lunch with a friend turned into the accidental discovery of a hidden “gap” in the mind of every man… a gap that explains more about what men want from women, and why men get cold feet and let seemingly promising relationships fall apart.

Written by Taylor DuVall
Originally appeared in Attract The One
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What Men Want From Women (As Told By 9 Brutally Honest Guys)
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