What Men Want From Women (As Told By 9 Brutally Honest Guys)

What Men Want From Women

3. Age 27. Status: In A Relationship.

Easy going, not high maintenance. Honest and not totally obsessed with money or having material items. Open to adventure at the drop of a dime and willing to grow outside of their comfort zone.

One symptom of the “men are obsessed with sex” stereotype suggests that they want all their women to look like Victoria’s Secret models (sure, even I find them hot!).

But most men are looking for real women who aren’t afraid to mess up their hair in order to go experience something great. Sometimes I wonder if all the primping is more to show off for other women than to show off for our men.

4. Age 29. Status: In A Relationship.

I want the sense of security that comes when you get to really know someone and can let your guard down and be who you are. You can actually be yourself.

This is the jackpot answer. What human doesn’t want to feel like they can belong? How many women want to take off the literal and figurative makeup with their men and be accepted and enjoyed for the real them? Men want the same thing.

5. Age 34. Status: Single.

I am looking for a strong woman who wants a partner to journey with. I don’t want a woman who needs me I want a woman who WANTS to partner with me on the life journey. I don’t want someone who wants to rely on me but one who wants to partner with me. I want a woman I can listen to but also someone who can sit still and then listen to me, allow me to open up and pour all my junk out and be there as a support for me just as I can listen and support her.

If the old idea that a woman needs a man is on one side of a coin, the idea that men need to be everything for a woman is on the other side. Sure, we are expected to live up to Barbie’s expectations, but they are expected to live up to Superman’s expectations. When we are strong women standing on our own, we are letting our men know they don’t need to be everything all the time. We both win.

6. Age 39. Status: Married.

I look for my partner to compliment me, that is, to be good at the stuff I’m not good at. I don’t like to be embarrassed publicly; so don’t put me down in front of me and our friends. I look for my partner to listen first, not assume she already knows what I’m about to say. I look for my partner to be up for whatever (within reason) and able to try to find the good in a situation.

These ideas in a nutshell: show him respect, listen attentively, and enjoy life and each other. It sounds like what I want too.

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7. Age 47. Status: Married.

Sex is a big part, of course. But, having someone who gets you is big, as well. It’s nice to share a deeper connection than just physical intimacy.

Are you seeing a theme yet? You should be.

“A deep sense of love and belonging is an irreducible need of all people. We are biologically, cognitively, physically, and spiritually wired to love, to be loved, and to belong.” – Brené Brown

8. Age 53. Status: Married.

I like the idea of a person to grow older with. As we progress through life, we develop similar interests based on our close age and common life experiences, such as theater, traveling, hobbies, etc. … To me, that’s where so many older men who leave their wife/families for a younger woman truly go wrong, the physical stimulation does not compare to the intellectual stimulation they have lost.

Most guys just want somebody to go through life with. To have experiences with. To do things. Most men are not brutes. They have interests and ideas that go beyond the bedroom.

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