All Memories Framed In My Mind

All Memories Framed In My Mind
Richa Lal

All memories
framed in my mind
I gaze through them
as I unwind.

Cristine Alvarez

Longing for moments and people.
Everything that is beautiful
is captured within me.
My mind wanders and finds
everything my heart longs for.

Sarrvesh Waran

Memorable memories dwell
in our mind.
But if they don’t haunt us,
it would be so kind.
It was fate or destiny
that our lives intertwined.
Each time we deal with memories,
happiness or sorrow comes to dine.
Let us move on
with our life and not pine.
With their love and guidance
that are so divine
Let us shine…

Karthik Parthasarathy

Memories of the past,
All stacked up in the mind,
Good or bad,
Who is to differentiate?
Comes up time and again,
At times, to give us pain.
Can I really put them away?
Don’t know if I have a say.

Debra Pry

You never forget
where you come from,
The mind stores Memories,
Like a bouquet of flowers,
that you pick periodically
to Savor the smell of the past.

Sulekha Pande

My memories,
the treasure trove,
I hide in my mind,
I visit and revisit,
my ancestors,
as and when
I choose to rewind.

Sherry Greene

We all own a part of those
who came before us.

Anindya J Ganguly

How does it feel
To occupy the center stage?
How does it feel
To face all your glorious tales
Amidst the fragrance of your past
Hanging down your memory’s wall
Like the nascent Holy Grail
From your breathing ceiling’s shelf?

Rinku Shah

Between memoirs and memories,
I float with ease.
Visiting the old and creating new,
Not sure what next, life will brew!

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