Melt down so you can light someone else’s candle

Melt down so you can light someone else's candle
Debra Pry

so you can light
someone else’s candle.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Melting himself down,
without a single frown.
Filling up the next generation,
with enough ammunition.
Going about his work,
An occasional smile, his only perk.
That’s the typical life of a dad,
an unsung hero, a child’s launchpad.

Sulekha Pande

I melt myself,
to fill you up,
with wisdom,
with knowledge,
I give you all of me,
I’m a teacher,
and educator,
my impact on you,
will be till the eternity.

Rinku Shah

One lit candle can light many,
It only dispels darkness.
Not harming itself in all fairness.
The tragedy is…
People applied it to education.
One mind cannot think for all,
We need a team and not a herd.
Spread happiness like a candle,
And train every student
to think independent!

Mississippi Writer Laurie Parker

“This management job is hard to handle.
I sweat and melt, a dripping candle.
Employees with no heads on their shoulder
Are wearing me down because I’m older.”

Jaimie Mazzone

I will give you a little piece of myself,
to help you grow and light
your way back home.

Anjana Surendran

Oh here comes…
that wax of traditions,
myths and beliefs
Oh it shall befall..
upon me caging dreams
Those dreams I have
visioned to be mine
Oh here it thick mould
And.. I suffer!

Sarrvesh Waran

We shall pass this way but once.
Let us do what we can
and more to make this world
a better one than the day before.
Let us be the light that lights many ones.
But at the same time,
let us not force that every light
should shine the same
for each light removes darkness
and light the gloomy day
in its own way.

Nuhrez Khan

It’s not true that all I do is burn.
I provide the enlightenment much needed
to carry the light forward
for the next ones to come.

Jaishree Venkat

Every human is fighting their own war
and burning continuously.
True human is the one
who light’s up other‘s lives
while burning self.
Irony is that person
is always taken as granted

Anindya J Ganguly

I melt in my flame of wisdom
To enlighten the barren minds
Who lusts & craves for knowledge
In a desert without the grains of sand.

Ramya Raghuraman

Empty your cup
to stand a chance.
Your quality of life
is bound to enhance.

Gopasana Surya

We burn down to lit another.

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