Meet someone again for the first time ?

Meet someone again for the first time ?


Do you ever feel you need a second chance Β ?

63 thoughts on “Meet someone again for the first time ?”

  1. Yes very much…….i want to meet my father again and ask him whether he is ok………after so much physical pain……and also to hug him tightly forever.

  2. Sometimes you meet the right people at the wrong time. You can always say "well then they aren't the right people" .. but how could you know unless you met them again for the first time?

  3. Actually, I did get a second chance!!!
    And I discovered something very very special…
    That it wasn't at all the "I" in HiM that needed another chance; because I was always there…
    It was the "Him in I" that it took know, how to love someone forever.

  4. No ….gone is gone whatever happened happened for good no second chances in relationship because sometimes once you lost faith and trust it's too difficult to redevelop that same again we think but know from the heart it's not possible in real life. if you and I want to stay forever why we need second chance? I never wish it's my opinion I don't know about others.

  5. Nope.. I am the way I am, they are the way they are, if I didn't behave as I expected, it's only natural of me to be so, and if the person doesn't accept me that way, then what the hell is the point of being with that person.

  6. I have at times, but realize that my life would be different but not necessarily for the better. I drive myself crazy second guessing things so I don't dwell on that anymore. But I understand.

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