Maybe Thorns, Have Roses

Maybe Thorns, Have Roses

Maybe Thorns, Have Roses.

16 thoughts on “Maybe Thorns, Have Roses”

  1. May be Thorns have bleeding roses
    And Tulips fail to ignite
    The burning flames of a paramour
    As he treks the starless sky.

    The vines of a broken bougainvillea
    Curls, frills & furls knitting cue
    Beads little pots of petunia & lilies
    In the mist of a dawn’s frosty dew.

    Nesting little birds, lost in a blizzard
    I offer to find their lost trace of light
    From the darkness that blooms in a rainbow
    Where shall I find dusk’s lost midnight?

    May be thorns do have bleeding roses
    Wasped by the mirage of dunes of sand
    I wish to unearth all the buried pain
    Which breathes & bleeds in the arid land.

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