Narcissists and HSPs: A Match Made In Hell

Narcissists and HSPs Match Made In Hell

Can Narcissists ever be cured?

Probably not, because they either no longer possess a true self (and in a real sense are really soulless) or it’s so deeply buried and obscured it can never be accessed and brought to light.

If there is a self there, I suspect it’s greatly diminished or nearly destroyed. It may sound woo woo, but I believe in the chakra system–those 7 points of concentrated energy that run down the spine and that correspond closely with the physical endocrine system.

Most if not all of us suffer from imbalanced chakras or chakras that are weak (or too strong), but I think in the psychopath, while their chakras exist (if they didn’t they would be dead), they are almost nonfunctional and disconnected from each other instead of working together with the way they should. I also think if you could see the aura of a psychopath it would be thin and dark, probably almost black.

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But even the evilest psychopath is not entirely hopeless. We are all children of God or a Higher Power (or however you choose to understand him), and as long as there is life, there is hope.

I believe even the most psychopathic, narcissistic soul-murderer has rare moments of truth and clarity, where they become aware of what they really are, and feel great shame and horror when they do.

Unfortunately, these moments of clarity are so frightening and painful for them that they almost always escape back into their narcissistic ways and deny the truth. If they are to ever be helped, it must be during these rare moments of clarity, and only God can help them, and only if they are willing to submit to His power. We can pray for the psychopaths, but we can never change them.

They must make the decision to change on their own, and unfortunately, that isn’t something we can count on happening very often.

The psychopathic narcissist is really a pretty weak and pathetic character, and as easy as it is for us to hate them, we can also pity them for the lost souls they really are.

Written By Lauren Bennett AKA “Lucky Otter”
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Printed With Permission

A relationship between narcissists and HSPs are truly undesirable and dangerous to say the least. If you are an HSP in a relationship with a narcissist, then maybe it is best for you to pack your bags and leave. They might be good to you sometimes, but that will never overshadow their toxicity.

If you want to know more about relationships between narcissists and HSPs, then check this video out below:

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