A Match Made In Hell: Narcissists and HSPs

 October 12, 2017

5. You dislike crowds and may not really like parties or other large social gatherings.

6. You’re a deep thinker and enjoy reading and studying about whatever interests you

7. You may prefer to spend time alone with social activities

8. The family is important to you, insofar as you have a workable relationship with your family.

9. You are very easily hurt and sometimes can’t let a cruel joke or comment roll off your back the way others can

10. You dislike negative or chaotic environments because you feel like you can pick up on the negative emotions of others around you.

11. Your own family may not understand you, thinking of you as a black sheep or a failure. They may even reject or bully you if there are Narcs in your family who have chosen you as the family scapegoat.

12. You feel overwhelmed easily when you’re forced to deal with others, especially negative people.

13. You may feel you relate better to animals than to people and that they even understand you better than most people.

14. If bullied or scapegoated by Narcs, you may approach life with a hyper vigilance that may border on paranoia.

15. Because of your giving, empathetic nature, you find yourself attracted to those who abuse you or use you.

16. You put the needs of others before your own and may sabotage your own happiness or success in the process.

17. You get very upset when you hear or read news stories about children, animals or adults who have been abused or killed.

18. You may have decided to stay away from reading or listening to the news because so much of it is negative and upsets you.

19. You may have reached the point where you feel no one can be trusted (but it’s in your nature to still want to trust others and give them the benefit of the doubt).

20. You are prone to deep depressions and feelings of despair (sometimes this manifests as irritability and grouchiness), sometimes these depressions are not explainable by any personal situation; you also have the ability to feel the heights of pure joy when you feel in balance with the world around you or with those who truly care for you and love you unconditionally.

21. You may be attracted to the performing or visual arts, or to poetry or creative writing.You may well have a talent in these endeavors. You also may have a strong interest in spiritual and metaphysical matters.

22. You may have an intuition so strong it borders on psychic ability–you may be able to “read” the emotions of people you have never even met before, or even deduce what type of situation they are facing in their lives.

23. You may feel you can detect the presence of the supernatural

24. You may feel strongly you do not fit in the world very well and that you have poor survival instincts.

25. Most importantly, when dealing with a narcissist, you may have the ability to hone in on their true nature, and see how horrifying it really is, both to the Narc and to others.

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