The Toxic Person and His Mask of Self Love and Obsession

The Toxic Person and His Mask of Self Love and Obsession

You reach a point where that strong and big iceberg melts, and you lose that good feeling about it with full conviction.

Funny how the switch can go slammed off after it has been so very much on for some people.

The biggest reason is that the person is too available for everyone. Has nothing cherished for just one person, his/her words and actions are just presented to everyone? Watching how available everything is, it loses its value and is made cheap, even disgusting at some level. You will eventually feel so not special as you thought.

Although you showed him/her all you can do and say to make them believe, they were still skeptical about your feelings and confessions, never trusted you, never made you feel believed and credible.

Once they feel losing you, they will roll back to actions that made you love them in the first place, yet they never will be clear enough about it, they love playing the vague role. They so love the mystery around them, not knowing that they reached a purely boring stage of unclarity.

  • They swing up and down, making you unable to define their messages, they get you mislead and they enjoy watching you wondering.
  • They use manipulation, sticking fingers in your face one day making you feel you are not good enough, the other day they praise you as if you were a god. You would never know if they like you, respect you, or even see you, or maybe not at all.
  • They make you feel not appreciated, so hard to love and trust, whatever you do and say will never be enough, they are never content.
  • When they are stuck, they just get rude. Children attitude and a huge lack of maturity.
  • They do not know what they really want. They are so lost that they transmit the same feeling of being lost to you.
  • They just love the feeling that they are loved, love hearing how good they are and how much you appreciate them, how much they mean to you. Yet, they have no intention to give back, much of an ego or narcissism issue.
  • They never block you off their way. They enjoy your confusion.
  • They pretend confidence in spite of all the noise inside them.
  • They are perfectionists who do not know how to tolerate human feelings and mistakes.
  • They are too selfish and self-centered, just receiving and never giving back the slightest time and effort.
  • They make you regret opening up to them and doubt your good intentions and truth of your words and actions.
  • Finally, they turn out to be much less beautiful than the frame you put them in.

Avoid those. Settle for ladies not women; for men, not boys.

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