4 Marriage Myths That Cause Divorce

4 Marriage Myths That Cause Divorce

There will be times in your marriage where you will have to do more than your fair share for a while. Maybe your wife is going back to school, or your husband is preparing for a business meeting that could give him a big promotion.

Usually they’ll do the same for you when your challenges come. It’s not about being equal in everything, it’s about loving each other and working with each other to make things work. And sometimes it won’t feel fair.

This doesn’t mean you should be doing everything for your partner while waiting for them to do everything for you. That’s also toxic.

If you feel like things have been unfair for a while, don’t hold it in. Go to your partner and tell them that you feel like you’re doing a lot and would feel better if they could help you out with some of the things that need to be done. No scorecard needed.

4. Sex Stops Once You Get Married

It’s believed sex is a well that dries up after a few years into the marriage. The problem isn’t this myth – it’s the belief that it’s normal to stop having sex or being intimate. When sex and intimacy stops in a relationship, it’s a sign that both partners need growth to occur.

In David Schnarch’s book The Passionate Marriage, he argues that our sexuality isn’t in its prime when we are teenagers or college students. To him, our sexuality doesn’t mature until well into our 40’s and 50’s.

With time comes wisdom. Marriage offers you the biggest growing machine there is. The time with your partner allows you to explore your deepest desires with someone you trust. It allows you to experience new ways of loving each other.

Your marriage gives you a foundation to face the anxiety of growing, so you can embody your full sexual potential.

Studies show that couples in long-term relationships have more sex than their single counterparts.

So when the spontaneous passion stops in the bedroom, don’t leave things up to chance. If you want your sex life to be amazing, work at it.

What other myths about marriage have you been told?

Let us know in the comments below.

Know the Myths about the marriage that leads to divorce.

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4 Marriage Myths That Cause Divorce

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