Many Times We Think Someone is Ranting

Many Times We Think Someone is Ranting

Many times we think someone is ranting, but they’re actually speaking with conviction: and everyone has just forgotten the sound of real passion. We’re so afraid of absolutes and a strong gut and digging in your heels, that we dismiss the powerful voice of a lonely fighter. Listen for quiet strength, for humble confidence. It’s not often someone will stand for what is right, what is true, what is pure. More often we’re afraid to admit we’re afraid, because the truth is so blinding in a dark world.
– J. S. Park

5 thoughts on “Many Times We Think Someone is Ranting”

  1. Avatar of Abraham Blackhearty

    I do not like reaction of stupid people when they give you that look of ‘are you out of your mind?’ when you agree with points they regard as ‘wuuut?! are you crazy’.. People that have such reaction of things are not worth time.. They are not ready to listen..

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