60+ Hobbies For Men: Ideas That Are Worthy of Your Time

Hobbies For Men Ideas Worthy Time

19. Swimming is an all-time popular hobby for men to enjoy exercising and relaxing. Just getting into the water can make you feel better.

20. Astronomy is a good manly hobby if you enjoy looking into the night sky or learning about the universe, planets, stars and galaxies.

21. Journaling is men who want to start with personal development and express their inner thoughts and emotions.

22. If you want to be socially popular, learn magic. Magic tricks and card tricks are great things to learn as it will allow you to impress people and make new friends instantly.

23. Learning Origami is simple. All you need is some pieces of paper. This is a unique and satisfying skill that all men can learn.

24. If you love spending time in nature, then bird watching is something you should try. You will learn to appreciate nature more and learn about different species of birds.

25. Bowling is a popular sport that most men enjoy. If you are looking for hobbies for men, then this is a good place to start. It is a fun hobby for the whole family.

26. Painting and illustrating will help you express yourself and alleviate stress. You don’t need to be an expert. You just need to paint whatever you feel like sharing with the world.

27. Poker is a highly popular card game that can not only help you make some new friends, but also earn some additional money.

28. Like painting, sculpting is another popular form of art that allows you to express your creativity. It is an ancient form of creating sculptures from stones and earth.

29. Want to improve your memory and cognitive skills? Then playing chess is the best hobby for you. It is a challenging mental sport that will boost your intelligence.

30. Is your day job making you unhealthy? Then weight lifting can be a great hobby for you to pursue. You can hit the gym early in the morning or after work to completely change your body and your lifestyle.

31. If you are a gun enthusiast, then marksmanship or shooting can be a great hobby. Simply head on to your nearest shooting range and engage in the controlled practice of shooting. What can be more manly than this?

32. Beekeeping is a unique, profitable and fun hobby to pursue for all men.

33. One of the classic hobbies for men is coin collecting. Not only you will learn and appreciate history, this can be a rather lucrative hobby to pursue.

34. If you are looking for a way to get some physical exercise and relieve stress without being too hardcore, then Tai Chi is the perfect technique for you to master.

35. Another exciting hobby for all animal loving men is dog training. Spend some more time with man’s best friend and teach them to do a lot more. And maybe you will be able to teach an old dog new tricks after all.

36. Graffiti Art is also one of the most exciting hobbies for men to pursue, especially for those who are into creativity and art.

37. Ever wanted to make a movie? Them filmmaking can be great for you. With digital cameras and editing software becoming cheaper by the day, you can easily make some short films and post them on YouTube or go to a short film event.

38. Learning to play the guitar is a pretty manly thing to do. It can be a great source of enjoyment and women love a man who can play the guitar. 

39. Do you sing in the shower? Then singing is a great hobby for you to start. Singing not only improves your mood, but is also an effective stress reliever and improves sleep.

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  1. I am 68. For years I have enjoyed playing guitar. I’m pretty good at it, and I used to perform with my pals in a band, and played for my own enjoyment. Lately, I have developed Carpal tunnel syndrome, which leaves my Right thumb, forefinger, and middle finger totall without feeling. I don’t want surgery. According to the research I’ve done, it may not be as effective as I’d like. Braces and exercises have not helped me at all. Now what?

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