Manifesto of an artist’s ever changing mind

Manifesto of an artist’s ever changing mind

I do not want to report to anyone regarding progress,

I do not want to be held accountable,

I do not want to be a mice, a cockroach, a fly with the ambition of becoming an elephant.

I am not big and I will not be bigger or better than anyone or anything outside myself.

Within the limits of my consciousness I will never build a ladder to look out ways to jump above the fence

And to forget the roots that give me strength,

I will not crave upon perfection other than a self-destructive flair for soul connection

And with this piece I will not gain effect, inspire, nor reflect the personal, possessive

That a gazillion questions stroke upon me cannot take and turn into expressed.

To this aversion I will pin a magnet to attract the random mess

And suddenly the empty bucket that my handful makes

Will not be airbrushed or filled with others’ pity and regret.

And if, oh only for a second if I feel ashamed

Then let the memory of this confession

Obstruct my vision and destroy the dozens chains of momentary doubt,

That in my blood there is no true amount of sickness

To put a human being in the position to reject the greatest honour

Of hallucinating an escape outside one’s skin,

And spend the good part of their life

Believing that what hasn’t got a matter matters,

Believing that we are not vanishing with age

And if we were to grow a sacred tension

We have to, not in others but within ourselves

Where trace of multiple identities is kept

Only where it would be right to steal from, alter,

Make and then


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