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Manifesting Your Reality: The Power of Thoughts.

Manifesting Your Reality The Power of Thoughts.

We are a tiny piece of the universal puzzle, microscopic within the cosmos of existence, yet as equal as any fragment that lives, has ever existed or will ever come to be. 

Billions of different pieces form the puzzle, an ever-changing fluidity bursting with beauty, darkness and eternal energy. Perfect chaos flows in and out in random patterns, exchanging states of equilibrium or upheaval. 

Yet amidst the constant interchange of energy lies the individual power to create your reality and to enrich your own experience of life. We are all responsible for our thoughts and actions. We all have freedom of choice and an incredible capacity to selectively direct our energy to wherever we deem it necessary. 

A thought therefore can be a powerful prelude to our perception of the world and thus the reality we perceive. This connection works in a constant feedback loop. Your reality then affects your perception and thus your thoughts and so the cycle continues. 

The eyes view the world before you, but you are also interpreting that which you see. You are projecting your current viewpoint of events outwardly, so whatever originates internally reflects back externally. This means that you have an incredible capacity to process events and make the feedback loop work positively in your favour. 

Understand that we cannot always have control over external events that happen, but we can decide how we respond and manage our own internal dialogue, thoughts and actions. Take the time to sit back and assess yourself without judgment. Let good and bad rise to the surface and be comfortable in what you find. Be accepting of yourself and decide where your internal voice where will take you. 

Are you running from the script of someone else’s limiting opinion of you? 

Is there a self-fulfilling prophecy based upon the past? 

Can you enhance your story to make a better, brighter truth? 

You always have a choice to connect with your own personal power. You can choose to nurture beauty, love, laughter, gracefulness, forgiveness, gratitude, peace and tranquility into your life. Understand that pain, anguish, upset and anger are all healthy human emotions and they bring lessons with them too. Allow yourself to work through times of difficulty and then channel your energy into making the future that you so desire. 

Be aware of all that is within you in this very moment. Acknowledge the infinite possibilities on offer to you. 

We are all tiny beings connected to the vastness of the universe, but we all have an astounding capacity to focus upon nourishing and fulfilling thoughts and actions. We can grow and express our truest selves, we can be free, we can be contented, as playful as a child, as care free and raw as we wish, filled with self-love. It all starts from within. 

You are life and energy. You are powerful and you can always make the choice to manifest your reality.