Managing Anxiety During The Time Of Coronavirus

Managing Anxiety During The Time Of Coronavirus

Learning how to manage anxiety related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) will serve you well in this topsy turvy world that we live in now. If you’re feeling anxiety, you can rest assured that it’s a normal response to the era we are living in. You are not alone. The anxiety you feel is a healthy survival response. The feeling helps you to deal with the changes we’re experiencing. However, too much anxiety can compromise your mental health and your ability to handle a crisis.

Anxiety can keep a person from adapting well to change. Because anxiety affects a person’s ability to focus, a person can become easily distracted. And because anxiety can make people emotional, an anxious person can make decisions based on emotions rather than facts. In short, anxiety makes people inflexible, distractible, and emotional—all traits that don’t work in a crisis. 

Tips to Manage Anxiety Related to Coronavirus

Keeping anxiety in check is essential to sound decision making, which we need to be able to do in the age of coronavirus. Here are ways to manage Coronavirus anxiety, even when you’re practicing social distancing.

1. Stay Informed, But Not Obsessed 

Remaining informed about the state of the world around you is responsible. Becoming fixated on Coronavirus news is not. Hearing or reading about the pandemic all day can make it seem as if the world’s problems are right outside your door.

Make it a point to limit the amount of exposure you have to the news each day and use valid sources of information. 

2. Set a Routine 

Whether you’re self-distancing alone in your home or juggling five children, setting a routine can ground you during tough times. As tempting as staying in your pajamas can be, getting dressed in the morning sets the tone for your day.

Having set times for activities and lessons can help you and your family adapt to these changing times.

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3. Get Some Fresh Air and Sun

As long as you’re not with another person and you remain away from others, you can spend some time outside. Just make sure to stay within 6 feet of anyone you see and follow your local directions for Coronavirus management.

Getting sun and exercise can lift your anxiety away. 

4. Practice Relaxation 

Practice ways to relax that don’t involve medication. Relaxing is more than “not doing anything.”  Relaxation consists of doing something low stress that you enjoy and is good for you.

For example, some people enjoy knitting or crocheting because of the repetitive nature of the movements. For others, relaxation means a good book or some Netflix with the family. Relaxation can also mean meditation, yoga, and deep breathing exercises.

5. Get help

It is important not to self, or over-medicate. If your anxiety is becoming overwhelming, then it may be time to get some assistance. Many mental health providers are offering telehealth services. Through telehealth services, you can talk to a professional about your anxiety in the comfort of your own home through video.

You can also obtain hypnotherapy services through telehealth. Hypnotherapy can train the mind to manage anxiety related to Coronavirus. By tapping into the mind’s ability to change and adapt, hypnotherapy can be a convenient method of stress. 

Making It Through 

The coronavirus pandemic won’t last forever, but this event may be the way things are for a little while longer. Managing your anxiety levels is vital to survival, and maybe even thriving, during this time.

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