Mama’s Blues

 May 02, 2019

Mama's Blues

“Mama, healing hearts can come alive to ignite a spark,
Renew a lease of life with a new beat of sunlight warmth
If I fit the right words to sooth the rhythm that I got so wrong.
But mama, you’ve never once heard the lyrics
Because you’d choose the silences of my song
Over noises of laughter sounds you think don’t belong.
Mama, I hope someday you’d find relief from yourself
When you come to see the love I’ve learned to give myself
You’d hear the words that I once tried to rehearse to you.
I’m going to stop biting my tongue now because I’m strong
Mama, my heart’s going to weep one last time for all the wrongs
When I begin to unravel the past aches in my song.”

-Dash Trembley

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