Making Your Anti-Bucket List in 2020

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Making Your Anti-Bucket List in 2020

Some might argue that time is merely a perception. That idea of days, months, and years is just a human construct to understand our world better. Quite fortunately, or perhaps not, not all of us are physicists, looking to understand the finer workings of our universe. All in all, the notion takes nothing away from the simple joys and pleasures of being. As a wise man once said, existence precedes essence.

A new year comes with new hope for things to come. For most people, it presents the chance to start something, almost like a second chance. As such, most people will create a bucket list of things they want to do during the year. Whether it is the idea of doing better or more or the fulfillment of achievement, the means do not matter. The end always justifies it.

With a feeling of optimism, 2020 would be an ideal year to try out something new or different. In this case, in place of making a bucket list, you should make an anti-bucket list. As the name would suggest, this is a bucket list flipped over. Rather than a list of things you want to do, the anti-bucket list is a list of things you unequivocally do not want. In short, this is a range of things you would rather not experience within the span of your bucket list.

Anti-bucket lists have grown in popularity with travelers because traveling is one of the few ventures that continually assure you of adventures and wild experiences. There is always a place or an experience to dream about or look forward to. Nevertheless, nothing should stand in your way of creating a bucket-list for your everyday life.

Anti-Bucket List for Home

The sole objective of this list should be bringing you closer to your family. Therefore, it requires you to reflect on the past year, looking at things that may have caused difficulties in your family. The aim is to address all problems, and consequently the reasons for them. It doesn’t matter how small the issues may have been, or who may have been at fault.

You are looking to be a better son, daughter, or sibling. Therefore, you are looking to make a list of things that would be the reasons for the troubles in your family. It should be all the experiences that may have brought anyone pain. It is all about making the small things count for those who you care about and cherish.

Anti-Bucket List for School

It is geared to making you a better person, not necessarily limited by your student life. It entails learning from your previous mistakes and ensuring that you do not find yourself again the predicaments. You are there to seize the moments and come out a well-rounded individual, both for yourself and society. It is about time you stop procrastinating and reach out to the resume writing service and get things done well.

Your Travelling Anti-Bucket List

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Of course, we cannot talk about the bucket list, not to mention traveling. If you are taking time this year to see what the world has to offer, a reverse bucket list will certainly make your time worthwhile. As opposed to a bucket list, it is unlikely to kill the spontaneity of traveling. It is simply a way to ensure that you get the best from your traveling experience by avoiding cases that would stand in the way.

We have combined a list of things you might include in your traveling anti-bucket list.

  • Do not take the middle seat on the plane. The last thing you want is to start your trip seated between two strangers. You will possibly have to struggle for the armrest, not to mention having to sleep upright through the flight. Ensure that you always book your seat well in advance.
  • Traveling is about appreciating the diversity of cultures. Express utter respect for the uniqueness of the cultures, regardless of how different they may be from yours. It is about keeping an open mind and heart.
  • Refrain from taking up all food challenges. The thought of being on a wall of fame in a foreign country can be irresistible. However, the consequences are probably not worth it.

There are great times ahead, and plenty of experiences that are yours for the taking. Equally, there are many opportunities awaiting. Go forth and incorporate anti-bucket lists in your lifestyle. You can enjoy every bit of it.

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