5 Ways to Make Your Woman Feel Loved

Ways To Make Your Woman Feel Loved

What do my clients usually say? I don’t have to tell her. She already knows.

I can promise you that, even if your woman knows that you love her, she wants to hear it from you. Why? Because every woman (and most men) like to be told the how, and why, they are special to you.

Today my beau and I were discussing how he didn’t have many habits that bugged me. Sure, he leaves his OJ class on the counter every morning and his truck is so old that it’s often not reliable but I realized that none of those things matter because he tells me he loves me all the time. Clearly telling me how much he cares about me gets him out of a whole lot of trouble every day and makes our relationship strong.

4) Don’t be scared.

Funny story. Last week a client of mine’s wife got out of bed in the middle of the night and stubbed her toe on the treadmill that he got her for her birthday. She immediately started ranting about the stupid treadmill and how frustrated she was at work and how she didn’t want her mother to come over the next day. My client was stumped by her behavior.

As a woman, I can tell you what the reality was. What happened is his wife was in pain after stubbing her toe and she needed to put some words to that pain. Those things weren’t actually a problem for her but they were on her mind and the pain made them worse

Don’t be scared of your woman’s emotions. Woman do have emotions and women are way more likely than men to display those emotions. Her emotions might seem big and unmanageable to you and you might do everything that you can possibly do to avoid them being on display.

I can promise you that, if you don’t let your fear of her emotions drive you but instead you seek to understand that they are real, and definitely ok, you will make her feel loved. She will know that you see her and that you trust her and that you understand and respect her feelings.

I know it might seem hard to believe, but life and love will go on if your wife has a big cry at the end of a long day.


5) Listen.

There is a popular YouTube video about a woman who is telling her partner that she is really struggling with headaches and pressure and that she doesn’t know what to do. The camera pans left and we see that she has a nail coming out of her forehead. The camera pans to the man who tries to point out the nail and suggests that removing it might ease the pressure. She gets mad because he is always trying to fix her when she just wants him to listen. When he does just that, she calms down and kisses him, or tries to. It’s hard with the nail in her forehead.

The #1 issue that I hear from women is that when they are trying to express how they feel to their man, that man doesn’t acknowledge her feelings but instead tries to get to the root cause and fix them. Women don’t want this.

Women want to be seen and heard and not fixed. If you can take away one thing from this article let it be this one. Next time our woman is distressed, sit there, listen, acknowledge what she says and be empathetic. DON’T try to fix her!

It’s way easier then you might think to make your woman feel loved.

Unfortunately, in so many ways, men and women struggle to understand what each other needs and so they stab around in the dark, trying to do the best that they can.

Well, here I am, a woman and a life coach, telling you what you can do to make your woman feel loved. Be honest with her, make time, talk to her, don’t be frightened of her emotions and don’t try to fix her!

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