Why It’s Okay to make Mistakes in Love, Than Waiting For a Perfect One

Why It's Okay to make Mistakes in Love, Than Waiting For a Perfect One

Relationships are not linear. You have to travel the crooked road, the sharp edges, the uncertain turns, and twists together, to reach the final destination. On the way, you get to explore yourself and the journey discloses hidden truths about self which you yourself were unaware of. You get to know your boundaries, your limits and your capabilities as a partner.

A relationship, whether perfect or not, teaches us virtuous lessons of life – to be able to be patient, accepting, empathetic and understanding of another person, to love someone unconditionally, to compromise.

True love is not granted. You have to get lost on the way, you have to try and fail, you have to test yourself, you have to get your heartbroken. You have to fail in love. It’s not a hit or miss. It is miss, miss, miss till you hit.

Heartbreak is a transformative experience. Unless you hit rock bottom in love, you will never learn to pull yourself up and value the person who later comes to your life and genuinely loves you. To get to that person, who is meant for you, you have to prepare yourself through trials and tribulations.

Being with the wrong person teaches us what is undesirable, what we need to avoid, the boundaries we need to set and what is unacceptable. The wrong choices of partners will only define for us ‘the right partner’.

The wrong relationships will never feel complete, they will question your tolerance, make you go crazy, but once again, they are eye-openers. You have to date the wrong person, make connections with the ‘not-your-type’ persons to fall into the arms of the one who is rightly compatible with you.


Being single is okay. Dating is okay. Being uncertain is okay. Making mistakes is okay. Falling and getting back up is okay. Not knowing is okay.
Don’t hold yourself back. Let your emotions run amok. Be fearless.

Your ‘forever person’ will cross your path and in the meantime, you can live your life to the fullest.

It’s Okay to make Mistakes in Love, Than Waiting For a Perfect One

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Why It's Okay to make Mistakes in Love
Why It’s Okay to Make Mistakes in Love, Than Waiting For a Perfect One

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