How Often You Should Make Love According To Your Age (Research Reveals)

How Often Should Make Love According To Age

Who doesn’t enjoy making love? Who doesn’t want a healthy love life? But, is it possible to specify how often you should make love? 

There are numerous physical and psychological benefits of making love more often and some of them are better self-image, a higher rate of happiness, good quality of sleep, stronger bonding and many more. 

No doubt too much of anything is never good! But losing interest in love-making is dangerous. So how much of physical love is healthy – is something relative. Because different people have different opinions about and demands in love. 

There are various factors that influence physical intimacy like emotional state, lifestyle, sex drive, age, and work schedule. So, it is difficult to specify as to how many times one should make love in a year.

However, the Kinsey Institute’s Report suggests – How Often You Should Make Love According To Your Age

These suggestions are based on the research paper published by Kinsey Institute and other scientific studies and indicate how many times you should normally indulge in love-making. 

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Average age to start making love

At a certain age, we feel an unstoppable urge to indulge in sexual activity – the most basic need. According to Kinsey Institute this age –

For males – 16.8 years
For females – 17.2 years

There is a small percentage of the population that chose to remain virgin and not give in to the urge to have sex

A 2009 study found 122 out of 2,469 men and 104 out of 5,120 women taking part in the study ranging in the age of 25-45 were virgins. This translates into 5% men and 2% women of the overall population.

Age Group – 18 to 29

As per the Kinsey Institute survey, young people ranging in the age 18-29 were making the maximum amount of love that is 112 times per year or say 2.1 times per week.

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Age Group – 30 to 39

Most people in this age range get married and settle with a stable job or make serious decisions about careers. People are found to have more stress and less time for fun and party. So, people in the age range have sex 86 times per year that is at least once in a week. 

Age Group – 40 to 49

Most people in this age range afford lesser time for physical love that is 69 times per year. 

50 and above

People ranging in the age 50-59 years tend to have sex on average 47 times a year and those above 60 years have 32 times a year.

Surprisingly, people above 50 years seem to have a great sex life. Some have even reported the best love-making phase of their life. Because at this old age people are quite relaxed having achieved most of their life goals. They are more stress-free because children are grown up and settled and it’s time to fulfill personal needs and desires.  

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According to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior,  50% of the couples in their 60s and mid-70s continue making love and the frequency drastically drops after 75.

Getting older means an increase in the risk of developing chronic health conditions, which in turn negatively impacts the frequency and quality of the sexual activity according to Justin Lehmiller, PhD, wrote in a post for the Kinsey

Is it okay to engage less in love-making activity than the average?

No, it is not okay! Although, the study was done on a small number of participants and you may argue that the findings don’t represent the entire population, making love below the average number mentioned above is a matter of concern. 

It’s time to discuss with your partner to ward off any relationship problems in the beginning. You may also consult a therapist to rule out problems with your sexual health. 

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How does it matter?

You must be thinking that when you are in immense love with your partner, how does the number of times you have sex in a week matters? Well, the above figures may not have scientific or medical importance. But, poor frequency of indulging in physical love hints at dissatisfaction in the relationship, which is one of the main reasons behind failed relationships and marriages. 

There are many studies in the past that concluded that married couples who have more sex tend to be happier than those not having physical intimacy often. Also, there are studies that showed that sex quality matters more than sex frequency.

Saying that it also matters as to what makes you both happier!


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How Often You Should Make Love According To Your Age (Chart)
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