Make Lemonade and Keep Moving

Make Lemonade and Keep Moving

We all started this journey with a lot of zeal, passion and fire. Amid all baby steps in the direction of our dreams, we just wanted to see our version of the truth, the one we have made during those countless nights of thinking, watching and manipulating our thoughts of achievements. Like we have always seen and heard, the society favours the winner, the one who burn the midnight oil and achieve what is once considered invincible. The same notion makes us decide our dreams and deliberately work for the one thing we loved and push us to plan, a plan which can save us from the society pressure & from ourselves.

We cling on to our self-made dreams so that we won’t have to live under the pressure of someone else. So that, we can stand firm in front of our parents and society, and say what we honestly feel inside us.

 But life is not a bed of roses, nor that everything happens as we plan it. No matter how badly we want something, sometimes we have just no control over some of the circumstances that occur to us. It’s just how the things goes on. The modern world focuses too much of attention over love relationships and heartbreaks, but they when they forget that our heart not only breaks when we lose someone we love, it also breaks when we put our 100% into something, and it doesn’t turn up in the way we want to. 

This is really heartbreaking and it hurts more than losing someone because it’s our self-respect and dignity which is on its verge.

It’s good to have a plan. It’s good to have dreams above you that give you a purpose and fire in your belly. Trust me; there’s nothing better than people who have dreams in their eyes and courage in their hearts.  But sometimes, life has its plan, and no matter how hard we try, sometimes we just can’t control it. It brings us the situations and circumstances that our goals look blurry at times.

Remember, when life pushes us in the situations that are hard for us, we begin to fear everything. Most of the time, we have loved that one thing, and if that doesn’t come true, we get so depressed from everything else. We begin to get frustrated, sad and consumed with our own. It could be due to failure at the exams we needed the most in our career, losing someone we love for life, and becoming ineligible for our dreams.

All those things could be truly heartbreaking and capable enough to break us. But if you know, these are the turning points, which has shaped made some people excellent. Build the heartbreak energy into the constructive things and make out something that is even perfect. All great writers, poets, actors, entrepreneurs are those who have seen failures in their life and build greater things out of it. They didn’t go ruining other people lives just because they were ruined. Instead, they invested their energy into the more significant things, something which is bigger than them.

Even though it is getting too intense, I would like to tell you that it is all just a journey, and in the longer run, the only thing that will matter is how you have lived it, so no matter what comes in front of you, face it with grace. You are here, breathing in this moment and that is a gift, learn things from the experiences and move forward, don’t die before you are dead. You fail, you stand up again, and that’s okay, giving up it’s not an option. It’s life, Life is a matter of test and trial and it will test you throughout the journey, but it will be on you how you want to take things forward. Be alive. Get alive, dance with the joy, share the love that you hold within your heart, celebrate, not just the festivals but yourself, you are the party, you are all that matters.

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