Magic Moonlight

readers blog magic moonlight

O, what a warm wrap of this nightly breeze around me

Yet my mind craves to wander all free

Far above the slumbering high hills

Across the sky, unfathomed spaces to fill

With the glitters of magic moonlight

Waited every night till the eyes brim with delight

The companionship which seems never getting old

Beneath your silver showers to behold

A whole lot of daily stories to share

You listen and watch me smilingly from there

To all those nights passed lonely without you

Found hard for me to let the time pass-through

I wanted to reach you but you’re millions of miles away

Even then, this hope flickers in the eyes to see you one day

Upon this piece of paper, I lay a piece of my mind

Writing about you who’s always loving and kind

These naive thoughts help me feel better

Guide me through and shall make me stronger forever

Cause distance is ain’t a thing to bother

When what we have is love and trust for each other.

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