I was all alone,

no sign of shore,

no sign of end,

and no sign of

lifesaving home.

I could not shed tears, dehydrated by fears,

But I knew that that would, destroy me.

So, I swam in my pain, in a cloud heavy with rain,

For I suffered alone in nights slumber.

Then a large storm did hit, shaking earth and made rifts,

But the ocean unscathed by its thunder.

People hopped in their ships, forgetting those who were sick,

All but one ship seeks those who sought life’s wonders.

But after a long day at sea, a distant ship in a screen,

Coming closer, coming closer, coming closer to me.

So, I dropped worthless ores, raised my hand not a sword,

Calling out, turnabout, please come save me.

When this ship did arrive, smiling faces port side,

Big bold letters that cried M D G.

Threw a big rope of faith, to get a grip on my fate,

Lifting cold wet souls out of these waters.

Kindred spirts do stick, on this soul lifting ship,

Forever sails will stay open for survivors.

Ever grateful are we, for the gift, recovery,

M D G will be at sea for all to discover.

The Lone Wolf ~ J.S.W.