Lush Of Green

Lush Of Green

I was draped in a lush of green

Head held high talking to the clear skies

And I could see far down the blue rivers

The crooning birds, hovering butterflies and jumping squirrels

are my best playmates

My arms reaching far across the rivers

Hanging in them are the elixir of life

The green drapery now seems old and torn

My obscured vision could see only the blemishes in the skies

The blue rivers have thickened like the coal-tars

Dried-up rivers waiting long to quench every rain drops

The giant ghastly buildings are standing tall

With never ending running vehicles smoking out black soot

Missing the old playmates and the gentle breeze

That nudge my arms for a sweet morning wake-up call

The circadian rhythm of life has been lost somewhere

Now I lay grown old and languid

Counting the ticking away of the passing time

Alas! if my inner voice can reach to wise-men

Can you give earth back its breathing lungs

With air, water and all in their purest forms?

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