Your Lucky Charm Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Lucky Charm You Need In Life, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


7. Triangles stabilize Libras

For thousands of years, triangles were thought to represent the cycle of birth and death as well as our connection to the universe. They’re seen as signs that bring balance and stability and that’s the sort of person a Libra is.

They are excellent mediators as they are famous for their diplomacy and impartiality. Just like triangles, they prefer to find a balance between two opposing sides without going off into the deep end of either.


8. Scorpios go for the standard horseshoe

Scorpios always put their beliefs out there and they prefer talismans they can show to the world.They were originally considered lucky as they were made of iron, a metal which was popularly believed to repel any tricky imps or fey creatures.


9. The classic rabbit’s foot is perfect for Sagittarius

This comes from ancient tribal lore which believes that the left hind foot can keep nasty spells away from you if you find yourself stuck in a graveyard after dark. Of course, you should get fake ones which have all that power without having to harm any live rabbits. If you’re a Sagittarius, you should carry one at all times so that you stay safe.


10. The rare four-leaf clover is lucky for Capricorn

Four-leaf clovers represent belief, hope, affection, and prosperity. These are important for Capricorns who love to surround themselves with beautiful things for which they need money. They are also nature lovers and the clover offers an unadulterated connection to the earth.

However, not all four-leaf clovers are lucky. Only the white clover plant serves this purpose and while they are rare, Capricorns will be able to spot them.

Like Daenerys, Capricorns are kin to dragons.

Some cultures think that dragons are signs of danger but others look at them as signs of good fortune. Of course, you’re not going to get a live dragon but you can find a charm or figurine. You’re ambitious and they are said to make you great leaders and they can help you hone your abilities as well as improve your position at work.


11. Crickets sing to Aquarius

Those who’ve watched Mulan will know that they’ve been seen as lucky charms for centuries. People listening to their music at night are comforted with a sense of companionship. Their silence also warned people when danger was approaching. As an Aquarius, you’ll want to experience adventure and someone watching out for you is the perfect gift.


12. Dreamcatchers for dreamy Pisces

Pisces are natural dreamers and there is nothing luckier for them than a dreamcatcher. These are supposed to prevent bad dreams from entering your space at night and by letting you have pleasant dreams, they help you feel well rested and peaceful. You can place one close to your bed or even wear one as jewelry. They can even bring good vibes if hung in the office.

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