Love Yourself, Don’t Hurt Yourself

Darling girl,

Look at you, you’re doing the things you swore you could never do. Hitting goals and hitting life like you never thought you could. I am more than proud of what you’ve become even though some days you feel like you’re drowning. You come back stronger and better than ever. Be kind to yourself and always love yourself. After all, when you’re alone you’ve only got yourself to fall back on. There’s no time like the present so live for your now. You’ve got a long way to go but look where you are now. The people that hurt you can no longer hurt you no more. They’re a thing of the past and you are a tough chick built to last. You’ve weathered a few storms on your own. Who knew being alone wasn’t so lonely after all. You’re independent and you’ve made it this far. Don’t stop now cause you’ve only just begun.

Life will throw some huge curveballs but just know that you’ll never hit another wall. Work hard and please yourself, you’ve only got so much love for yourself. Don’t let petty things stop you cause you on your own is quite special. Let yourself break a little, but then carry on living and forgiving.

Forgiveness is a funny concept, sometimes you have to take time to grasp the content. Let yourself reflect on these feelings, you’ll get there in the end so there’s no need to hurry. Life goes on through the healing, but all you gotta do is carry on living. Don’t let what they did hurt your chances of opening up to second chances. I know it hurts now and you’ve got a lot of walls build up. Just so you know, they can come down. Be on the guard and be vulnerable but don’t ignore when you have to say no, reach out for help when life’s uncertain.

Love God first and foremost, then love yourself because you have a purpose. A purpose to do greater things, just wait and you’ll get your blessing. Don’t let others be a curse. Don’t rush the process and let your creator guide you through the process. Follow your passion cause it’ll lead you to your destination. Keep teaching others so you can teach yourself, you were created to share your knowledge. You’re incredible and I want you to know that if you ever feel alone, you’re not alone at all.

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