Love Has It’s Ups And Downs,If You Hold On Tight

 April 13, 2018

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Love Has It's Ups And Downs,If You Hold On Tight

Rinku Shah

The ascend is easy for me and you,
The descend takes two.
Don’t let go,
Or it will blow.
Can’t blame the feeling, right?
We didn’t hold each other tight!


One comment on “Love Has It’s Ups And Downs,If You Hold On Tight

  1. Love this site. Always have. I do think that you like everything that everyone posts which is most diplomatic.
    H’ever – & this might sound like sour grapes, (my captions hve been chosen quite a few times & I hve always been honoured by that), but after months of monitoring, no matter what the picture might be, Rinku S & Karthik P’s captions are chosen every time. Sometimes twice for different submissions on the same captions. Kudos to them, absolutely, but It’s truly astonishing b’coz I don’t know any one (let alone two people) who are chosen in any enterprise 99.99 % of the time. Perhaps they are administrators, or hired writers for this site?
    As well, I can recall a post perhaps last year that instructed ppl to try to keep their posts short; that while everyone’s writings were deeply appreciated, lengthy submissions shld be reduced to a simple caption. I do try to follow that directive every time, but it seems lengthy captions are – more often than not – chosen so the contradictions are perplexing. Again, I know this sounds petty, & it’s not meant to be. I mean, this is an entertaining, thoughtful FB page, but as much as I hve enjoyed yr page, I guess it’s time to accede to those who are the chosen favourites. Namaste!

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