Love Secrets of the Zodiac Signs: Detailed Love Compatibility

Love Secrets of Zodiac Signs

You and a Sagittarius Guy:

Best guy to flirt with. You’ll have a great time, but flirting might be all you’ll do. Geminis and Sags are two signs that get easily distracted.

You and a Capricorn Guy:

Yuck! Traditionally serious, closed-minded, and tight-fisted. They have no fun, nothing to say, and are too uptight. Enough said.

You and an Aquarius Guy:

Your love equals. You both are so up on everything: the latest technologies, politics, the economy. You’ll always have enough stuff to talk about.

You and a Pisces Guy:

Mamas’ boys need not apply. Here is one compassionate and sensitive guy—but face it, you hate quiet, sensitive guys!


4. Cancer Girl

Cancers are emotional people, but they tend to feel things deeply and quietly. Because of that, you need a sensitive guy who can bring you out of your shell—gently.

You are a complex creature. One day overwhelmed by problems, the next day you are reaching out to others who need a hand. You want a guy who understands and loves all the Crab’s moods, good and bad—a romantic and sensitive soul who touches your heart.

Do’s and don’ts:

You are one of the most intuitive signs in the zodiac—do use that to avoid the wrong guys. Just make sure your insecurities don’t get the best of you or you might not let yourself go when the right guy comes along. When you are hurt by something, don’t automatically shut out the outside world. Tell your sweetheart how you feel.

Cancer Girl Love Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign

You and an Aries Guy:

Beware of fire! This rambunctious Ram can bulldoze all over your deep, sensitive feelings.

You and a Taurus Guy:

Your perfect guy. He’s sensitive, earthy, caring, loyal. You can get moody once in a while and it won’t matter to him. He knows how to handle tough emotions.

You and a Gemini Guy:

Chatty, chatty, chatty. This guy is all over the place. He can’t sit still and he’s got more nervous energy than you can handle.

You and a Cancer Guy:

Too crabby for comfort. You both get very attached, but just wait until one of you feels hurt by the other—you will both shut down.

You and a Leo Guy:

A great friend. Loyal, romantic, and generous with his time, he might seem like the guy of your dreams, but he’s just too outgoing and independent for you.

You and a Virgo Guy:

Heavenly match. This earth sign may seem a bit critical to some, but you see right through to his caring heart and soul.

The Libra Guy:

Too shallow for you. Wearing the perfectly tailored outfit and mastering the art of grace and diplomacy is not on your list of priorities.

You and a Scorpio Guy:

Intense. Just the way you like ‘em! This guy is secretive and mysterious, but you’re great at figuring out what he’s feeling whether he’s saying it or not.

You and a Sagittarius Guy:

Unreliable and unconcerned. This guy is always off on his own adventure and can’t stop his restless searching.

You and a Capricorn Guy:

Hot and cold. You’re both emotionally attached—only you show it and he won’t. You are both loyal but you may find his detachment confusing. Worth a good try.

You and an Aquarius Guy:

Don’t bother, you have nothing in common, not even your habits or hobbies. He’ll leave the water sign thirsty.

You and a Pisces Guy:

Clingy and affectionate sweethearts. Without saying a word, you understand each other perfectly. He’ll never let you out of his sight!


5. Leo Girl

There is nothing a Leo loves more than romance. You ooze appeal, from the time you put on the perfect outfit and do your hair just right to when you go out on the town and hold hands with your sweetheart.

Make sure you pick a guy who is also romantic, someone who’ll spend a lot of time to show you how he appreciates you. The last thing you want is someone who takes you for granted, someone who is too busy to notice all the special things you do for love.

Do’s and don’ts:

Do use your flair for drama, charm, and wit to get what you want from a guy. Just make sure that once you have him, you don’t try to completely dominate him. Sometimes you can seem unreasonable.

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