Love Secrets of the Zodiac Signs: Detailed Love Compatibility

Love Secrets of Zodiac Signs

Taurus Girl Love Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign

You and an Aries Guy:

You’re friendly enough to take him in the beginning, but when your patience runs out, watch that all his energy doesn’t Ram (get it?) you in the butt on the way out the door.

You and a Taurus Guy:

You two make loyal sweethearts. Sensitive and steadfast, once you get together, the only thing that can keep you apart is your super-stubborn nature.

You and a Gemini Guy:

Forget the Gemini. He is too shallow and chatty for the Bull. Nice to talk to at a party, but he can’t have a conversation without being distracted, with one thing or the other.

You and a Cancer Guy:

Sentimental squared! This sensitive, intuitive guy is perfect for you. You both love staying close to home and paying a lot of attention to each other. Both of your emotional intelligence is what makes you ideal for each other. Wow!

You and a Leo Guy:

This is bad news. Leos like to be surrounded by friends and admirers and thrive in the limelight. You’d never quite know who else is after him, and how to keep up with everything.

You and a Virgo Guy:

Made for you. He loves to spend oodles of time with you, planning the perfect dates and buying the perfect gifts. Nice.

You and a Libra Guy:

A two-minute love story. Venus gives you both an appreciation of beauty, but spend time with this guy and you’ll soon find out that’s it.

You and a Scorpio Guy:

Might be better as friends. A great match if there is stuff in your charts to soften the brooding you’re both so good at.

You and a Sagittarius Guy:

He’s the magically disappearing man! Just when you think you’ve got him-poof-gone! You’ll never change him; don’t even try.

You and a Capricorn Guy:

It’s the money, honey. Here’s a guy who’s serious about how he spends his time. The good news is that he likes you; the bad news is that he doesn’t show it.

You and an Aquarius Guy:

Too unemotional for you. This guy’s too busy thinking about how to improve the world than thinking about how to take care of you and make you happy. Buh-bye.

You and a Pisces Guy:

A Taurus’s love compatibility with a Pisces guy equates to long-lasting love! Pisces guys are so sweet and sensitive; psychic and sentimental. Grounded Taurus girls bring out the best in them.


3. Gemini Girl

Geminis are the life of the party—smart, funny, outgoing. You love to do it all, so you have a tendency to do too many things at once—and that can diffuse your energy. You need a guy who is exciting enough to keep your attention, someone who will give you the freedom to be yourself and not be jealous when you are innocently chatting with others. Turnoffs in a guy: moody, sentimental, and possessive.

Do’s and don’ts:

You come across as fickle because your mind and heart are often at odds. Instead of acting on impulse, try to understand both your intellect and feelings. At the first sign of trouble, don’t cut your relationship short. One problem doesn’t mean it’s over. Take some time before closing the door.

Gemini Girl Love Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign

You and an Aries Guy:

Wild and crazy partner in crime. You two have so much fun together, you never stop due to all that boundless energy you both have.

You and a Taurus Guy:

Obstinate, slow-moving, and possessive. Are there three traits that you hate more? Doubt it. The end.

You and a Gemini Guy:

The best match for a Gemini girl is a Gemini guy. Does it get simpler that? Gemini twins make great friends and sweethearts, but the huge fickleness factor would make it hard to keep this consistent.

You and a Cancer Guy:

He’s an emotional basket case. You like to keep things light and airy, but brooding is his middle name. When you need a good friend, call him.

You and a Leo Guy:

Great date, great name-dropping. This guy is charming and popular, basically, everything you want in a man. You just can’t be wittier than him or he’ll feel like you’re stealing his thunder!

You and a Virgo Guy:

He analyzes and criticizes. Virgos need to think a lot before taking action; he finds faults, too. Spontaneous Gemini can’t handle it.

You and a Libra Guy:

Ooh-la-la! This fellow air sign is the epitome of social grace. You couldn’t ask for a more evenly matched partnership.

You and a Scorpio Guy:

Run away, Gemini girl. This intense and secretive guy will try to own you. That’s exactly what these creatures like to do.

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  1. Im a leo girl and its amazing how this article is right… never got on a asecond date with a leo, a messed relationship with a capricorn and the perfect love with a libra! But now i guess i have to meet an aries it sounds a good idea

  2. im a an aries woman and in love with a scorpio man, we just cant be friends! were are both passionate to each other, yes i know i have a bossy side but he is the only guy i allow to control me, so i can say that sun signs are not only the basis of the compatibility of relationships, we must consider our birth charts for that.

  3. Christina Padovani

    Haha. Looks like I need a cancer in my life…don’t read into this too much. We all have aspects of all the planets..

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