Love means Love



A vow means a vow

Take me to your heart

Cause your an abstract art

Let me destroy your past

If love exists let it live between us

Love means love


You are the reason

I am living today

Let’s love every day

Cause your one kiss makes my day

I want to feel you

Every night I give myself unto you

Tonight at Paris lets rendezvous

Love means love


Take me by your hand

Your heart is my heartland

Your soul is my soulmate

Your body is a wonderland

Your hair is as smooth as the waters flow

Love means love


I am broken

But you fixed me

You heal me

You change me

You make my heart melt

You make me happy

You make me cry

You make me blush

You are the reason

You will be the only one I love forever

Love means love


Souls connected

Hearts mixed

Fingers intertwined

I will wait for you even if it takes a billion years

I have loved you for so many years

And never plan on hurting you

I’ll keep you safe in these arms of mine

Cause your love is in my mainline

Love means love

Darling, I love you

Means I’ll fight for you

Means I’ll care for you

Means I’ll touch you like no one else

Means I’ll be with you even when we grow old

Means I’ll love you like no other

Means I’ll keep you safe  

Means I’ll forever keep our vows

And most of all put down my life for you

Love means love

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