Would You Love Me Like You Used To

Shamini Abeykoon

Would you love me like you used to
If the broken pieces were a ghastly sight

Would you love me like you used to
If my heart couldn’t give it’s best

Would you love me like you used to
If you knew the battles I fought to love you like you

Would you love me like you used to
If you knew I’d never love you the same.

Rinku Shah

It’s not a big deal,
If you know what I feel.
Your pain is mine too,
Anything I can give up for you.
Love will show us the way,
Our souls will not let us stray!

Sulekha Pande

Open your eyes honey,
look up beyond your tears,
no one’s perfect my darling,
everyone has fears,
to have a long lasting love,
we must stop the masquerade,
own our shortcomings
and march ahead…

Anindya J Ganguly

I tie a mask on my sodden face
Masquerading my pain
in a silent way.
He thinks I am happy,
he thinks I’m gay
But in reality,
I burn in terrible pain.

Chinchi Bose

I masqueraded happiness
to feign my pain
but the day I met you
I felt the need to be my real self

All my past efforts appeared
so meaningless and vain

Amanda LaBlanc

Sometimes the strongest people
hide behind a mask of joy
as tears stream down their face
beneath it.

Sarrvesh Waran

The greatest deceptive mask
I ever pulled was with you.
Portraying only happiness,
although inside me
sorrow brew and grew.
Although I can see,
I will show you the skies.
Although I am a hell,
I will show you the heaven.

Debra Pry

Show the world your true colors..
Take the mask off.

Julie Cas

2 faces have I,
one for the world
and one to hide

Vincent Delvalle

Stop hiding,
show your feelings


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