Love Letters: My Private Deep Well Of Memories And My Emotional Fingerprints

So, what are you still waiting for? Grab the most beautiful and scented stationery; your most elegant pen and gather the most compelling and impressive thoughts. Sit on a vast garden spread out in the stone paved terrace flooded with a beautiful sunrise on the amazing sunny morning when the sky is blue, filled with puff-ball white clouds. With those whiff of daffodils mingled with the sweet-heavy scent of rajanigandha under the weeping willow tree.

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Feel…Write…Pour your heart out…Reveal the beautiful truths in your heart…Confess your special feeling to the recipient of your letter. Then, sign the letter with a romantic nom de plume. Sealed it with sweet kisses and tie with beautiful and colorful ribbons. And see how your heart skip a beat when that someone will acknowledge the receipt of your letter. See how that beautiful curve on your face will show afterwards, perhaps the loveliest of smiles that tilted the world in its axis!



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Bea Pilotin - Writer
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