Love Letters: My Private Deep Well Of Memories And My Emotional Fingerprints

 January 17, 2017

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The loveliest excerpts of love letters that took me back to my first kiss during those long, long summer nights:

When I met you, I never failed to pray that someday in our lives we could build a history together and create a classic relationship.

 “I put your precious letters on my study table few steps away on my bed so that when I woke up in the middle of the night, I can touch something that belongs to you. Your beautiful face is always my favorite lullaby to sleep.”

Tired eyes won’t close. Mind is restless with facing thoughts of you. Every moment, since then…I miss you.

I will always love the first time I met you on that beautiful sunny day- the sky was blue, filled with puff-ball white clouds. You were standing on the vast garden spread out in the stone paved terrace of a restaurant. All things remained motionless- except a blink of your beautiful eyes with that long and curly lashes and the most amazing curve of your lips. It was the loveliest of smiles that moved my heart in its place. The smile that seemed to fill the empty places of my heart.

You are the most amazing woman who is always stunned by the beauty of the night with its bright stars playing hide and seek under the opalescent moon.

I terribly miss the way you grin when you’re up to something. I miss the way you pretend not to notice me when I do something silly. I miss the way you pamper me. I miss you in each cup of coffee I smelled in the morning. I miss you mostly at night especially when waking up in the morning. I miss those silly things whispered at night and those jokes told in the morning. I can’t wait to kiss you. I’ll see you soon, Darling.

And here’s the most heartbreaking one that made me weep and had those terrible sobs that wailed through the room. With those deep shuddering sighs, tight chest, burning eyes and blowing nose, I let it slammed hard while squatting on the floor with my back against my bed as I read this:

By the time you read this letter I shall have been gone. I requested Dad to give this to you when time has come. I have lots of things to thank you for. First is for loving me more than yourself. I know about the difficult crossroads you have encountered because of me. Without your knowledge, I came across to your collection of letters and notes. I never expected that you have treasured even my silly ones and to have them arranged chronologically, too. You really are some woman!

I’m sorry to see you cry. I’d watch you sleep with tears on your cheeks while I pretend to be asleep. I wanted to hug you but you needed the rest. And I’m afraid I was weak. I did not want to see you cry, too.

I knew that I have cancer and that the tumor they took out was a malignant. I begged my family not tell you and told them to be strong for me.