Are Love Laws Breaking Your Relationship?

 November 01, 2016

Next time you’re feeling righteous in an argument or fight with your partner, ask yourself:

Do I want to be right? Or do I want to be in love?

Being right rarely makes a relationship better; but being in love does. By exploring your partner’s and your own Love Laws, you will discover the differences in your love laws are not as important as your commitment to each other.
Understanding each other is the core of lasting love.

Step 3: Are Your Love Laws Impossible to Achieve?

I’ve worked with some people who have unrealistic expectations to feel loved.

Some people feel they need to talk to their partners constantly, even though their partner is also supposed to make a seven-figure income. So you need to ask yourself: does this love law empower or destroy my love life?
A successful love life lies at the intersection of you feeling very little hurt and you feeling tons of love.

Want to have the most intensely passionate relationship possible? Take the Intimacy 5 Challenge if you dare.

Originally Published on Healthy Relationships with Kyle Benson

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