What Is Your Love Languages? Find Out With This 6 Question Quiz

what is your love language

If you see that you are having to do everything on your own, with absolutely no help from your partner, it starts to take a toll on you. The best way your partner can show their love towards you is by being there for you and helping you out however they can.

This love language is highly dependent on all those actions that help establish and maintain a balance in your relationship, and the acknowledgment that the other person is doing a great job. You also find yourself expressing your gratitude towards your partner for helping you out with everything, and making sure that you don’t feel burnt out.

5. Words Of Affirmation

No matter how passionate and sexually charged your relationship is, verbal words of affirmation and encouragement are equally important when it comes to a romantic relationship. With verbal reinforcement serving as the backbone for this love language, you love hearing how much your partner loves you and appreciates your presence in their life. 

Giving you compliments, supporting you when you are down and depressed, or just simply reiterating the fact that they love you, makes you feel emotionally and mentally satisfied. Positive words like this do not just make you feel good about yourself, it also makes you realize how important they are in your life.

You also return the love and appreciation by making sure your partner knows, how important and valuable their position is in your life.

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If You Want To Know Which Love Language You Identify With The Most, Then Try Out This Quiz Below:

1. You feel the happiest with your partner when…

A. They constantly tell you all day how much you mean to them, and how much they love you.

B. They choose to leave work early, just so they can spend some time with you.

C. They leave cute love letters for you, all over the house.

D. They surprise you with your favorite food or your favorite book.

E. They are hugging you and holding you close to them, while you are on the couch watching television.

2. When your relationship goes through a rocky phase, which aspect gets affected the most?

A. Their lovely compliments for you, and appreciation of your presence in their life.

B. The time both of you spend together.

C. Unplanned surprises, such as a surprise date night or a quick weekend trip.

D. Acknowledgment of your hard work, and equal sharing of all the duties.

E. Your physical intimacy with each other.

3. If you are feeling negative about yourself, what do you expect your partner’s response to be?

A. Writing a very romantic and sweet love letter, in which they list down all the reasons they love you, and how you are nothing short of perfect.

B. Proposing to go on a walk together, just the two of you.

C. Surprising you with a thoughtful gift.

D. Cooking your favorite meal at home, all from scratch.

E. Holding you close to them, and just letting you speak your heart out, or not say anything at all. Whatever makes you feel better.

4. After a hard day at work, when you come back home, what do you wish for, from your partner?

A. To enquire about what has happened, and then shower words of positivity and encouragement on you.

B. Forget everything and spend a lot of time with you.

C. Leaving a romantic and mushy love note for you, inside the book you are currently reading.

D. Baking your favorite dessert for you.

E. Embracing you for a long time, and then kissing you passionately.

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