3 ‘Love Language’ Communication Skills That Will Strengthen Your Relationship


Sometimes, people tend to bring up problems to their partners at the wrong times; especially when they’re too emotional.

If your partner is in a bad mood, tired, or distracted, and you suddenly stormed into the room to talk to them about what’s bothering you, it will just make the situation worse.

This is because both of you are not emotionally and mentally ready to talk. You may not be mindful of your word choices, and you may sound like you’re attacking them. This will make your partner defensive.


2. Use face-to-face communication as much as possible

Text messages might just cause unnecessary miscommunication, so it is better to talk to your partner personally.

Be sure that they’re ready to give you their full attention when you approach them to talk. Maintain eye contact when speaking, listen when he’s talking, and respond calmly.


3. Develop good listening skills.

Sometimes, the reason why you feel you’re not being heard is that you’re not listening to your partner when they are talking or expressing their feelings.

You should actively listen to your partner when they’re saying something. Don’t interrupt while they’re talking. Acknowledge that you’re listening and that you understand what they’re saying.

Only give your response after they’ve stopped talking.

If you want to communicate better with your partner and understand one another better, the best relationship advice is to learn their love language and become fluent in it. Communication skills will strengthen your relationship and make arguments and misunderstandings a thing of the past!

Written by Esther Bilbao
Originally appeared in Yourtango

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