Love Horoscope 2021: ‌Love‌ Predictions For Each Zodiac Sign


Love‌ ‌Horoscope‌ ‌2021 Zodiac Sign

Love, emotional intimacy and stable relationships are vital components of a healthy life. And the truth is that our stars have a big impact on our love life and romantic connections. This Love Horoscope offers a quick summary of the challenges and rewards to expect in your love life, in the year 2021, for each zodiac sign. Based on Vedic Astrology, we have provided brief, but detailed and accurate insights on your love life and romantic relationship, helping you understand and be better prepared for the upcoming situations and also find ways to enhance the romance quotient in your love life.

Love Horoscope 2021 for each zodiac sign:

1. Aries (March 21 to April 19)

Love Horoscope 2021 aries

The year 2021 will be a year of much importance in your love life. The year will start on a positive note and you’ll share some memorable moments with your partner, enjoying a deep sense of emotional wellbeing and safety. You must give each other ample time and space, and your relationship is sure to bloom. You will share a comfortable connection with your partner. Your partner will make an attempt to be more frank with you regarding their opinions and thoughts, so be as understanding as possible. Try to avoid bitter and heated conversations.

The time between April and September, your love life will be favorable and glowing. The planets will be in your favor, so many couples may find this to be an auspicious time to tie the knot, while single people might meet someone special.

However, September onwards till November, there might be some complexities in your relationship owing to unfavorable planetary conditions. This will be a testing period so you must have patience and faith. Avoid blame games and focus on strengthening your bond with your partner. After this phase, your relationship with your beloved will improve and many surprises might be in store for you too!


2. Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Love Horoscope 2021 taurus

The year 2021 is going to be average in terms of love, but you will have an opportunity to strengthen your bond with your partner. You will value each other’s company more than ever before and plan to align your journeys together. Moreover, your financial stability allows you to pamper your loved one with gifts and other gestures they enjoy.

You might face challenges and arguments due to lack of compatibility and contradicting views. During such phases, you should work on improving mutual trust and understanding. Explain to your partner the importance of their presence and how strong your emotions are for them. This will also ensure that you’re in a more relaxed and positive mindset. By mid year, you will enjoy a calmer state internally and feel more satisfied, overcoming negative thinking of the past.

The months of May and September are going to be very favorable for you and your beloved; you both will get to spend memorable moments and enjoy mutual appreciation.

For some natives of this sign, this could be a year of change, where they decide to change their appearance in order to attract a new partner. Others will focus on reviving their existing relationship.


3. Gemini (May 21- June 20)

Love Horoscope 2021 gemini

The year 2021 is going to give you mixed results in your romantic connection.

Those who are in a serious relationship will feel closer to their partner and love between them shall be blooming. If you have a deep bond with your partner, your relationship will progress. On the other hand, the ones who are not yet in a serious relationship will have a hard time with their partner. Your connection will be problematic with lots of arguments and complexities. It’s best to avoid meeting and conversing very often during such phases in order to minimize the tension.

Moreover, you try to approach your relationship with a practical mindset, which isn’t always welcome. Sometimes, you need to be more sensitive and express more emotionally.

As per planetary movements, the time between mid January to April is a boon for your relationship, when romance and affection will be at it’s highest point.

However, your health will be delicate this year, so be extra careful towards your health, as bad health will keep you from enjoying the fondness of your partner.


4. Cancer (June 21- July 20)

Love Horoscope 2021 cancer

Your romantic life will go through ups and downs, but the beginning part of the year will be memorable.

Cancer is the most emotional and sentimental zodiac sign; they are the quintessential lovers. The month of February is going to be a highly romantic month for you. In fact, your favorable time will continue till mid April. Romance and love will be at its peak. You both will be engrossed into each other, spending together-time everyday and finding it impossible to stay away from your partner. You will shower your loved one with affection and tenderness and they will respond to your with equal warmth and love.

Even the months of August and September look promising for your love life; there will be enough variation and fulfilment in your intimate life. Thereafter, the changes in planets make the time stressful and concerning for your relationship. You need to put in effort to keep things sailing smoothly.


5. Leo (July 21 – Aug 20)

Love Horoscope 2021 leo

Your Love Horoscope says that you will experience a roller coaster love life in 2021, but you will succeed in matters of the heart. Despite many conflicts, the overall bond will be a happy one this year. Those who are thinking of marriage, there’s a chance of tying the knot towards the end of the year.

The year 2021 is favorable for exploring new communication channels with your loved one. There will be many opportunities to spice up the romance in your relationship and bring more fun and adventure in the dynamics.

Expect to fall in love unexpectedly; love will blossom in places you least expected. A friendly relationship at work may take a romantic turn all of a sudden, and this can permanently change your life!

The period between April and September, your relationship will go through several challenges. You’ll find it difficult to establish your space in your partner’s heart, and convincing them about your feelings. Moreover, the people around your might oppose your relationship, but make sure to take a strong stand.


6. Virgo (Aug 21 – Sep 20)

Love Horoscope 2021 virgo

For Virgos, 2021 will bring mixed results in your love life.

Due to the planetary transitions, single Virgos are likely to have someone special knocking in their lives. Your desire to engage in an intimate connection will amplify this year. Chances are that you will develop an special bond, and over time, the person will become very close to you.

Saturn is present, hence expect your love life to go through a testing period. Only if you’re being truthful with your feelings, your love will last, otherwise, your relationship can even reach a stage of separation.

Due to the presence of the planet Venus, you might get involved in a major and damaging argument with your partner. Avoid engaging in debates with your partner during the middle of the year (June and July) and also December. On a positive note, May and October are best for communicating with your partner. From mid-January till February-end is a good time for the relationship to progress and enhance feelings of affection and trust. You can even plan a trip with your partner during this time.

Help each other and be understanding, advance in your relationship based on your ethics, stay true to your morals, and the bond is sure to blossom into a strong and long-lasting one.


7. Libra (Sep 21- Oct 20)

Love Horoscope 2021 libra

Your love sector will be very stable and full of surprises during the beginning of the year 2021. During this period, your zodiac sign comes under the influence of Neptune, which doesn’t have a good reputation otherwise, but in case of love and relationships, it guarantees genuine and honest commitment. Hence, those of you looking to settle down and form a stable, long-term relationship, will not be disappointed.

The first months of 2021 are ideal for getting engaged or rebuilding an old relationship. The astral climate will reignite love between couples. You will enjoy quality moments with your partner and strengthen your connection. And for singles, expect to experience an unexpected romance- love at first sight, romancing in unknown places and many other adventures. Chances of meeting your soulmate are also pretty high.

Some of the best months for you and your partner will be January-February, especially Valentine’s day, May-July and December. During these months, you will support each other’s endeavors, and may also receive good news through your partner. Expect positive changes and dynamism, maybe a new job that will have an uplifting effect on the relationship. There will be exchange of gifts between the two and travel plans. Your beloved will be bring good fortune and more prosperity into your home.


8. Scorpio (Oct 21- Nov 20)

Love Horoscope 2021 scorpio

Your Love Horoscope says that in 2021, your love life will be full of peaks and valleys. On on hand, you will experience more vibrancy and romance in your relationship, including fun activities together, like travelling, dining and wining, long drives, intimacy, and lots of hugs and kisses. On the other hand, your relationship will go through stressful periods when your partner will find it difficult to understand and communicate with you. Although you are a romantic person, your beloved will struggle to cope with your mood swings and impulsive reactions. These issues might magnify and lead to big communication gaps that will create more distance you too; so be wary.

The favorable position of Saturn guarantees the deepening of love and trust between couples. This in turn will see you through the rough patches and help sustain your relationship.

The period between April and September requires you to be more cautious because there will a sudden distance between you both. Maybe your loved one will need to be away for work. It’s crucial to maintain healthy communication.

If you have plans to get married, the time between March and April and then again from September to November are auspicious for tying the know. The year 2021 is also very promising for business ventures with your partner.


9. Sagittarius (Nov 21- Dec 20)

Love Horoscope 2021 sagittarius

For Sagittarius, love life is going to be an emotional ride in the year 2021. Sagittarians in love will go through many changes in their romantic journey or relationship.

The beginning of 2021 will see Sagittarians get very emotionally attached to their beloved. This might take a negative turn if you take offence easily for your partner’s behavior and become upset. This isn’t good for your relationship and can weaken your bond. It’s best to be as calm as possible and just let the negative time pass by. Try to be understanding towards your partner and maintain mutual respect. Especially during the month of March, be careful and try to keep conflicts at bay.

The position of Mars will bring more passion and intensity in your life, which if channelized in your relationship, can strengthen the connection between you and your partner.

The time around Valentine’s day in February is going to be a romantic and passionate time for the two of you. You will get lots of opportunities to spend intimate time together. You should use this time to express your feelings to your beloved.

The months of April, July and September are going to be great to rejuvenate your love life. Attraction, romance and loyalty all shall be on point.

Those who want to tie the knot with the love of your life, the last months of the year are auspicious.


10. Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 20)

Love Horoscope 2021 capricon

The Love Horoscope for Capricorn is a positive and joyous ride in 2021. Your love life will be filled with happiness and prosperity right from the start of the year. The favorable positions of Jupiter and Saturn ensure that you’re caring and compassionate towards your partner, and also more truthful, honest and disciplined in your relationship. You both will enjoy tenderness as well as passion.

Expect cheerful times and happy surprises in your relationship from the beginning of the year itself. You should use this favorable time to make your admirer fall deeply in love with you. The planetary positions indicate that you can have an intense bond with your partner this year. So put in effort to impress the one you like and you’ll surely be rewarded.

In 2021, the months of January and February, then April to May, and again September to November are blissful times for you and your partner.

Be wary of conflicts during the middle of the year.


11. Aquarius (Jan 21- Feb 20)

Love Horoscope 2021 aquarius

In 2021, your love life will be progressive and relationships will be strengthened. Planetary positions are good, ensuring a romance-filled and euphoric love life. You both will enjoy long conversations and mutual attraction. Deep, intimate conversations will further enhance the love and affection between you both.

This year, your romantic life is going to be relaxed, and filled with sweet talks and fun outings. Your partner might need to travel for important work during the beginning of the year. There’s nothing to fear the distance; just allot some time to have talks daily so that the mutual understanding isn’t lost.

The only cause for concern is your health. Be extra careful of your health between the months of April and July because during this time your health might deteriorate, which in turn will hamper your relationship as you will not be spending time with your partner.


12. Pisces (Feb 21 – Mar 20)

Love Horoscope 2021 pisces

For the compassionate and intuitive Pisces, your love life will be filled with satisfactions as well as disappointments in 2021. This is because of the opposing influences of Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn is positioned to bring troubles in your love life, while Jupiter fortifies your bond with your beloved. Thus 2021 will bring equal parts good and bad times in your love life. This means that you have to put in some work if your want your relationship to flourish. The good news is that your partner will support you through all the troubled phases.

The time between January and April is good and can yield fruitful results for single Pisceans looking for a serious partner. If you’re thinking of tying the knot with your beloved, you will receive support from your family.

However, the time between June and November increases the chances of fights with your partner, you need to sail through this time with patience and avoid heated debates.

Again December is going to be love-filled, with travel plans to somewhere far off.


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