Love and Attachment: How To Love Everything and Be Attached To Nothing

Love and Attachment

Attachment is temporary, love is forever

And that is probably one of the biggest differences between love and attachment. Change is the very essence of life. Nothing is meant to last forever. Everything we own, everyone we desperately cling on to will one day leave us. Relationships end. We lose our loved ones. We lose or change jobs. All the materialistic possessions we work so hard to own and feel so proud of, will someday lose all value. Our physical body, youth, beauty, wealth, marriages… everything will eventually be gone. Nothing is permanent. 

Life can be surmised by your breath. Despite how much you try to breathe in, you can never hold on to a breath. You always have to breathe out and take a new breath. That’s the same with life. Despite how much you get attached to something or someone, you will eventually have to let go. You cannot hold on to it forever.

Sadly, we tend to get attached to so many things in life that we forget the true essence of love. Love is about appreciation. It’s not about making it last. The more we try to hold on to people or things, the more emotional pain and suffering we will experience. This can never lead to a happy, fulfilling relationship or life.

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Speak love, silence attachment

Whether in life or relationships, you need to understand the difference between love and attachment. Attachment may feel like love, but it is simply a distortion of the feeling. It makes us falsely believe that we cannot survive without the other person and that we need to please them to make them love us. 

Love on the other hand, is without purpose or objective. It flows freely and goes away as fast as it comes. When you love someone or something, you don’t feel the need to possess it. Rather, you want to nurture. You want to see it bloom and prosper, whether in your presence or absence. Love is like a wild horse running free. Attachment is trying to capture that horse and tame it. Attachment makes us desperate for love and holds on to it to protect our self-esteem. It helps us believe that we are worthy of love. 

Attachment is needy. It always wants something. It wants to be loved. But love is the cure for attachment. When we allow love to flow, it can wash away unhealthy attachment.

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Love Everything, Be Attached To Nothing
Love Everything Be Attached To Nothing Pin
Love and Attachment: How To Love Everything and Be Attached To Nothing


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