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Love, Emotions, And Silence

Love Emotions And Silence

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Is it possible to translate every thought, every emotion into words?

And even if it is possible, why should emotions be translated. Shouldn’t it be kept and understood and felt?

Translation of emotions into words- why don’t you just understand my silence; why don’t you just understand my smile; why don’t you be with me forever!?

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Forever the emotions and expressions of Love stay with one, but the form changes with time, the personality of people whom we meet/ encounter.

Love has it’s own forms and it’s own ways of evolvement. How can I compare my Love for You with my Love for Him? I still try to compare and in the end get defeated with my own endeavors.

My time stood still the moment I took your hands into mine.

My silence speaks a thousand words– words which I want to feel and therefore I am silent in my own way, the moment I feel your presence around me.

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