3 Love Blocking Mistakes To Avoid For A Long Lasting Relationship

3 Love Blocking Mistakes To Avoid For A Long Lasting Relationship

The ONLY Way To Create An Unbreakable Relationship Isn’t About Hiding, Pretending, Or Controlling… It’s About BARING YOUR TRUE SELF

If we are never truly known, we can never truly be loved.

You see, real connection and intimacy can only develop when we are vulnerable enough to reveal who we really are – even at the risk that it might turn some people away.

When you take the bold leap and let someone see your true colors – and they STILL stay – that’s when you know you’ve found the person you were meant to spend your life with.

And it’s the only way to guarantee you’ll find a partner who “gets you” like nobody else and would never think of leaving.

As nice as it is to get asked on a second date, or finally have a boyfriend, or keep the peace with your husband over dinner… if you are hiding who you truly are, you are never “at home” in your relationship or your heart.

Instead, I urge you to be heroic in your authenticity. Dare to bare who you are really are, and be rewarded with the sweetest of loves, with a heart to come home to, and with the kind of soul-satisfying love you’ve always yearned for.

And I will guide you every step of the way.

I’ve helped thousands of clients who thought real love just wasn’t going to happen for them, or were convinced it didn’t exist at all.

My biggest joy has been witnessing these same individuals filled with joy after following the principles I’ve seen work again and again for attracting and keeping the love of a lifetime.

Now I’d like to help you.

I’ll teach you exactly how to create a truly authentic relationship from the very first date – or how to bring deep intimacy and understanding into your existing relationship.

Learning how to be heroically authentic in relationships is actually easier than all of the hiding, pretending, and controlling you’ve done in the past to make love last.

In fact, once you start following the principles I’m going to teach you, suddenly creating a deep connection with someone new – or the partner you’ve been with for years – will feel exhilarating. Like nothing, you’ve experienced before.

And your dates, or your partner, will start responding to you in a whole new way.

Being wholly and completely yourself evokes confidence and an energy that is irresistible.

They’ll feel drawn to you without knowing why. And they’ll be compelled to share their true self. Which is where the deep, and unbreakable seeds of real intimacy begin.

The trick is to learn exactly HOW to get in touch with your authentic self and how to confidently and effectively share it on dates, in your relationships, and with everyone you want to develop a closer, lasting bond with.

This isn’t something we are taught growing up… or that comes naturally to most people. Especially if we’ve experienced hurt in our past relationships.

But it is absolutely something that can be learned.

That’s why I created my love advice newsletter – to help you let go of all of the false beliefs you think will result in a forever relationship, and teach you what actually works to create this incredibly fulfilling type of love in your life.

When you subscribe to my free newsletter you’ll learn:

  • What to share with your partner so that you never have to suppress what you want and need
  • How to “teach” a partner how to be with you (your mate will know exactly how to make you feel safe, heard, and understood)
  • How to cultivate a foundation of trust – and avoid the “negative surprises” that can derail even the most in-love couples
  • A simple shift in mindset that will dramatically increase the level of intimacy you share with your partner
  • The 4 common communication pitfalls couples can face and how to navigate them with ease so you emerge stronger and more connected

I’ll also guide you through a powerful exercise that will help you identify your core needs (if you have a tendency to defer to others… this one section can be life-changing).

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