love Initially they might love

Love has a very narrow meaning for many. Love has its limitations. People forget that real feelings never change. People can love only who falls in their criteria.

If love deepens and is expressed in a certain way people will run away from you. Because they don’t like to be bound. If deep love is from a person who doesn’t fall into the criteria… it loses its value.

Initially, they might love the idea of love…but the real love is tiresome and suffocating because not everyone’s feelings are permanent. People lose interest if the person they love… loves them more than he himself does. People who love more are taken for granted.    

The person who loves deeply is true to his feelings. But should never do the mistake of expressing too much and keep reminding that they will remain with them forever. Otherwise, he’s taken for granted and manipulated, used, and literally pushed to forget his own idea of love.

He has to be really strong to not change his own idea and still love that person in the way they want to be loved. That’s true love. Don’t change your reality for others’ non-acceptance or lack of reciprocity. Remain grounded, but never fall in love, just raise above them. People are yet to learn that real feelings never die. 

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