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Love Beyond Love


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Inspired by my own Quote “love is not a choice but it’s God’s gift.”
Today I sat to write about yet very different thoughts and perspectives on love. We understood love from “Rumi”, Soni-Mahiwal and Heer-Ranjha. We have understood love is beyond boundaries and knows no limit. If all is true then why do we entangle ourselves midway in love?

Why do we forget what love was meant to be? This love when it has to live outside the books and most romantic people’s lives is hard to replicate and difficult to implement. The only way to learn to LOVE BEYOND LOVE is going through that messy experience of ups and downs, roses and thorns, breakups and patches. Above all, it cannot be sugar-coated all the time.

If it’s real, that purity can be known only after years. Still, there is no guarantee. But yes once it has taken place in your heart and if it’s real, no matter what storm it hits, love brings you back to the shore. It will never drown you; instead, it will bring you back to the place where you started.

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Having said that in order to LOVE and go BEYOND LOVE, it is to prepare yourself to face insecurities, face the overprotectiveness, face the anger, face the impatience and still be strong.

Telling someone to be passionate in love is easy but when circumstances restrict him/her from doing so, it is hard to pursue love at times.

After all this, you still want to LOVE  and go BEYOND LOVE. Also when you have gone through all such experiences and you still feel to be in love, you indeed have traveled beyond love with your loved one.

This is tough to do but not impossible! Being truthful and taking divine blessings to go a long way will fill you with love and help you go BEYOND LOVE.

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I still have an open-ended question,

“If we were to love our own self then why did we ever have Adam and Eve?”

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