Love Begins Within Oneself: A Carol Resonates In Heavens


As he was drowning in deep ocean of his thoughts his hear started to beat irregularly. He stopped and thought that it’s because of his stress over a name and brushed it off. He continued his way to home where something was waiting for him. A mishap was betided.

He saw a horde of women at his house and his face went blank cause of unawareness of situation as he moved further the words knocked on the doors of his eardrums horrible enough to rip his soul a part. “I think her daughter is about to die in a moment”.

One of them said to other. Arif face went pale and with adrenaline he rushed toward his room as his wife screamed from misery. Arif found her daughter dead in his mother arms. Arif felt blank and completely out of his mind that moment he couldn’t figured out what happened.

He went to other room with feeling of being shattered and sat on his chair staring into empty abyss of his heart into nothingness it felt like he is still searching for a beautiful name for her daughter.

After few hours Arif was still there staring into nothingness and then Shahid put his hand on his shoulder and said This is the time for bier.

Arif felt like a stone at that moment as he put her daughter in grave and put a dictionary with her. People start murmuring and gossiping some of them thought it might be Holy Qur’an but how can a person burry a Qur’an as it will be consider as kufr. No one said a word to him as he returned home he found his wife sick. Arif didn’t slept that night.

Next day Shahid came to him with a doctor and told Arif to get his wife checked. He agreed after that doctor gave him another bad news a hammer of misery pounded on his heart as he said your wife is not going to survive anymore.

Few hours went by Shahid was still there with his wife sitting beside her and feeding suddenly his wife start breathing heavily and said “Arif I’m going to die but you must keep faith in God cause I know after me there is someone else another women who will replace me”.“I can’t imagine a world without us and it would be worthless indeed, I’ll die”. Arif said

“No you won’t (She inhale a huge breath) May God gives you a long life”. With her last words the soul left the cage of her body and she laid there motionless”.

At morning there went a funeral and Arif buried her wife and his hope of life with her.
He came home and glanced at clock it was 8:30 .

He ran toward station because he didn’t wanted to missed it. He reached plat form and heard the siren of incoming train. He told him self that when it will get near I will end this suffering as soon as possible.

As he took his steps toward subway he saw a silhouette of men standing between subway to end his life. Arif rushed toward him as train was about to his that men and pushed him on the other side. “Are you commuting a suicide?,