What it Means to Love a Libra

love a libra

To love a Libra you’ll need to see a good intention that she always has in her heart; to ignore this well-meaning piece of her is to deny her a personal truth. She cannot survive without this particular truth. When she is being rude, awful, or arguing because she thinks she is right—and she’s normally right most of the time, it is her inherent nature to be fair and just and unfailingly right—you must take a deep breath. Do not make her feel bad for being who she is. Everyone has flaws, right?

She cares too much and too deeply to ever hurt someone intentionally.

But if you witness the flash of anger in her eyes, you must let her rage. The compassionate, sweet, and gentle Libra will fight ferociously in the face of injustice. You must stand by her, and drive her to be a warrior when her heart tells her that it’s time to rage and fight. You must believe in her cause and admire her devotion—see it for what it is, a manifestation of her heart’s deepest purpose.

Believe in her and she’ll believe in you too.

She might be tagged as an introvert by people who do not understand her. She might be tagged as an extrovert by those who know her best. None of these things matter, because as long as she identifies and feels connected to what she is surrounded by.

When Libra is ecstatic and there is happiness in her heart, she can take over the world. She only needs to have laughter, music, and her beautiful smile.

The secret is making sure that she is kept in that ocean of ecstasy and contentment that only her huge heart can appreciate. If you can keep her at the moment, you can keep her forever. But her mind will after a point drift away and get lost in worry. She will constantly think about all the bad things that have happened to her and have caused pain to her heart.

She will scrutinize the words you used or the words that went unspoken. She will worry about every little thing that has gone wrong and might lead to you leaving her in the future. It is then that you must gently bring her back to the present and soothe her delicate heart.

She believes in the goodness of people, in magic, and (above all else) in happily ever after.

When you love a Libra, you love her for everything she is. And everything she can be.

What it Means to Love a Libra pin
What it Means to Love a Libra
What it Means to Love a Libra
love a libra pin
What it Means to Love a Libra
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