What It Means To Love A Girl Who Has Lived Through Trauma

And when she realizes that you are choosing to love her, and not hurt her, she will love you back with the same kind of tenacity that it took to walk through fire.

And she will hold out her palm and show you the burn marks and instead of apologizing for bothering you with their appearance, she’ll trust you to hold her hand anyway.

What It Means To Love A Girl Who Has Lived Through Trauma

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35 thoughts on “What It Means To Love A Girl Who Has Lived Through Trauma”

  1. As a child abuse (some days feel..barely survivor) loved sharing this with my husband. With CPTSD…the struggle is real…EMDR…is helping me…but this helps him! Thank you…Julie…..thank you for allowing this to be shared. Will give you kudos, as I pass this on in my Therapist’s office!

  2. thank you- you could not be more correct ….i am that girl ,now a woman, mother and wife. and it has been a wild and difficult ride.

  3. I lived with one amazing human, and i stood by her at the darkest of times. I would move mountains still to this very day for her. I still love her with the depth of my being. I wish i could trade places with her, take on her pain and suffering just to see her happy and smile. The love i have for her will never die. Alas she is no longer with me, but I will always be there for her. Always a beacon in the dark for her when and if she ever needs it. She is my duck. No names will be mentioned but the people who know me, will know who I speak of. <3 always.

  4. This is not just for women. Loving ANYONE who has survived trauma and is moving forward with thriving in life is what this article should say. It’s not just women. It’s people. It’s an abused animal. The more we recognize that trauma is a violent experience in extreme nakedness and vulnerability that happens to more people than will anyone wants to admit.

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