You have lost you in your world of masked perfection

You have lost you in your world of masked perfection
Pam Clayton

You have lost you
in your world of
masked perfection

Alice Frazier

Which ME would Impress
all of YOU today?

Rinku Shah

Don’t claim you know me,
because I decide
who you see!

Sarrvesh Waran

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Without all these masks,
Tell me, who are you?

Sarrvesh Waran

Miscellaneous masks I wear.
None of them are real, dear.
Wearing them night and day.
I lost my own way.
Many different faces,
Each with curious cases,
However each of them
sucked the traces of me.
It is not at all me, you see.
I wonder, where’s the real me!?

Rinku Shah

Lost the real me
In pretending to be,
Someone I wasn’t under
a new identity.
Donning a mask for you to see,
Wish I could set myself free!

Karthik Parthasarathy

The many masks I own,
When I enter the social media zone,
One for each avenue,
A new one when I get into something new.
Far removed from reality,
Immersed into this world of virtuality,
Losing track of who I am,
Getting lost in the virtual sham..

Sulekha Pande

Facebook, instagram
and twitter,
are all none but glitter,
I wear all masks,
I try to show off,
everything that I’m not…

Richa Kalra

Various faces for the virtual world;
Real me is still furled,
Fake my emotions
and wear different masks
Which one to choose
is a difficult task

Ceona Chambers

What does it matter what others see
When you can’t even see yourself

Francis Janoras

We forgot the reality
In pleasing everybody
Through technology

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