When you are Lost in the world of delusion

When you are Lost in the world of delusion
Anindya J Ganguly

When you are Lost 
in the world of delusion
The reality crumbles 

& becomes illusion.

Rinku Shah 

When they say you can’t,
Then you have to.
The world is a playground,
There’s so much to do.
The screen kept me busy,
At times I felt dizzy.
The chaos all around,
What I feed will surround.
I’ll create a happier world…
No matter what at me is hurled!

Ankita Singh 

Real world doesn’t Matter
Every Development seems clatter
I am happy with my imaginary world
Camera, phone and Backpack
I don’t know my destination
Everything seems like a fiction

Sulekha Pande 

The future’s here,
today and now,
when did it happen?
Why and how?
I don’t know,
I don’t care,
I’m even hardly there,
I’m happily engrossed,
in my digital world,
of It’s own chaos,
apocalypse or disaster,
I notice hardly,
I see nothing,
the end’s here,
sooner or later.

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