Lost Souls – Mind Talk

Lost Souls - Mind Talk

To begin, begin.

– William Wordsworth

Are you one of them? Confused. Has a goal but is not confident on how to execute plans to achieve that goal. Stagnant, but learning or rather exploring. There are so many people who know what they want to do but are just not getting on the right path. Ultimately I see them just sitting there making up castles in the air. Waiting for the day where everything comes in their hands so that they could just get what they desired. It’s time to wake up and to Begin. It’s time to start executing life.

Why do we mainly fail in executing any idea whether it’s big or small? Cause we think of it’s consequences. It is our idea. Why worry about it’s future – whether it fails or works? Just work on it and while working on it we must put our soul and passion into it every moment and in every minute of it. Brainstorm on that idea for days and nights. Nurture it like a seed and make it grow. Make the foundations strong and then think of it’s branches. But work towards it, strive for it and then, then see the fruits coming from that invested idea in abundance. Isn’t it worth investing in the idea then? Same is with opportunities. We usually are very laid-back when it comes to opportunities. The Universe grants one and we decline it.  Any opportunity for that matter should be taken as it comes without even thinking about the returns. Just take it. It has come in our path for a reason and it is meant to come.

Two things define a lost soul – Fear and a laid back attitude, that’s all. Fearful of taking the next step or the consequences of it and being laid back about working on it. Let us remind ourselves, that there are 7.5 Billion People on the Planet. Most of us, take repeated goals and career decisions which are already done by some other individual anytime before. And why do we settle for something which is repeated? Cause we think it assures us a constant and stable future. But when you have an idea which is totally different, innovative and new then why fear the failure of it? Even if it does fail for the first time it is not possible for it to fail more, cause someone among those 7.5 Billion people will definitely like and approve it. We just need to be patient. The World is so magnificent, filled with dynamism, that time will fall short for us to explore it. There is always something meant and kept exclusively for us, we just need to ‘watch closely’ and grab it as it comes.

There’s the concept of YOLO ( You Only Live Once) trending now days all around the World, but do we really follow it? Do we really do the things what our heart says? No, we mostly do not. Free Will apparently does not exist in our system of society, there’s always a restriction mostly put on us and a fear of being judged. The most important thing is Passion. It’s what drives Us and our Idea. There has to be passion in what we do which will then result into ultimate happiness at the end even if there are less or no returns for that. We must not follow money, it should start following us.

Now, at this very moment, just close your eyes and stop all your thoughts. Only think about the idea you are and were always passionate to carry out. Write it down on a piece of paper and carry that paper always with you, so whenever you stumble – look at that piece of paper, stare at your idea and then slowly rise again and go for it. It’s absolutely okay to be lost and to explore. But sooner or later, identify where your passion resides, where your soul lives and start executing it without any fear.

Listen to your own voice. Your own Soul. Too many people listen to the noise of the World instead of themselves. Start Believing in yourself.

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