Loss of A Friend

Loss of A Friend

I found out on Facebook
At first I didn’t know how or why
Then I was informed

So many feelings and thoughts rushed me
I felt like I couldn’t breath
I became dizzy

That was three
Three people in my life gone
Atleast three felt the way you did
I have felt the way you did

What’s the difference between you and me
Why do I choose to continue on
And why did you choose not to

Why did you feel so alone
Were you scared
Did you consider the effect

Your pain was to much to bare
You tried to get help
You never got it
You fought and you lost
We all lost

I felt guilty for not knowing
I felt guilty for not doing something
I felt tormented

You were outspoken
You were funny
You were so loved
You were my friend

-By Jenn New

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