Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: The Real Reason Relationships End in Heartache

Looking Love Wrong Places

No matter what your primary emotional need might be, the cure is always the same. You don’t need anyone to meet your emotional need in order to be worthy of love. You just need to release this false belief and embrace the truth.

Step 1 – Claim your worth! All emotional healing requires waking up and remembering, “I Am Unconditionally Worthy of Love.”

Step 2 – You must give to yourself what you think you need from others.

As long as you expect others to meet your emotional needs so that you feel worthy of love, you remain imprisoned by your own hands. No one can give you what you need, if you don’t first give it to yourself. If you are not respecting yourself, for example, no matter what your partner does, or doesn’t do, you will never feel respected. If you never feel respected, relationships will end in heartache.

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You free yourself, when you stop looking outside, and you meet your own emotional needs. No one is keeping love from you but you. When you know that you are unconditionally worthy of love, you generously give yourself an abundance of appreciation, approval, understanding and acceptance, etc… You withhold nothing from yourself, and you withhold nothing from others.

Since you don’t need approval, appreciation or acceptance from anyone, when it comes, you receive it as a gift of love. Emotional needs become “emotional gifts.”

Your partner, and the entire world, for that matter, effortlessly reflect your self-love, and suddenly you are receiving an abundance of emotional gifts in all relationships. You realize that you can only receive from others what you are willing to give to yourself, and whatever you give to yourself, flows abundantly from others.

When you drop your conditions, your love receptors open up, so that you can actually receive and experience love in all relationships.

No longer ignited by the need to heal wounds, an indescribable type of romantic chemistry is possible. When all your thoughts, beliefs and choices originate from unconditional self-love, your life grows and blossoms in magnificent ways, and you are able to attract, create and sustain relationships built on unconditional love and mutual empowerment. Love of Self is Your Master Key tofinding love in all the right places.

Not only are you worthy of love, you are actually made of the very love that you seek.

Written by: Nanice Ellis
Originally appeared on: Nanice.com
Republished with permission
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